Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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Bhutanese From Third Countries Join Hands For A Cause

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A group of  Bhutanese from the third countries have joined hands with the local Nepalese in Jhapa District to help establish a non-governmental organization Sanitation, Health and Nutrition (SHAN) Study Center.

The organization is registered with the government of Nepal.

The Bhutanese feel indebted towards Nepalese in Jhapa, Nepal for sharing their meagre resources and kind hospitality for more than two decades. The Bhutanese in the third countries are now better informed, enjoy better education and income generation opportunities and are emerging in a position to give back.

The organization aims to contribute towards the socio-economic empowerment of the local community particularly those in the refugee-impacted areas under Mechi and Damak Municipalities in the areas of Sanitation, Reproductive Health, Nutrition and Child Education. The organization plans to raise resources locally; build its own endowment funds; and apply for grant assistance to local governmental bodies and international donor agencies.

SHAN Nepal works closely with local government bodies and non-profit organizations involved in the delivery of social development programs.

SHAN Nepal will serve as an outreach academic center to study the socio-economic context for the promotion of sustainable economic development. It aims to collaborate with leading national and international institutions in areas of development research.

The SHAN Study Centre is opening an avenue focusing younger generation to experience the socio-cultural setting of a developing country. Whereby, they share their knowledge and acquired skills for making a meaningful contribution towards the welfare of lesser privileged people in their erstwhile neighborhoods.

This initiative is expected to be mutually beneficial. The young Bhutanese will have the better understanding of the environment in which they were brought up, while in the refugee camps.  That would make them more determined to work hard and become successful in their pursuit.

The SHAN Study Centre also provides exchange program opportunities for students who would like to spend a semester off to gain field experience in social development or activism. More information can be obtained at

Reported by Bhuwan Gautam from MA

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