Newly resettled girl dies in car accident in TX


Manju Rai, who was resettled in Dallas, Texas just around five months ago from Beldangi-II Refugee Camp in Nepal, died in a fatal car accident on March 4, Friday.

The 20-year-old girl was returning home from her second shift job at a cellphone company at around 9:30 P.M. central time when five-seater Mitsubishi Gallant driven by her coworker, Kumar Adhikari, became uncontrolled and hit a concrete traffic barrier during an instant lane change triggered by a speedy car that  hit Mitsubishi from behind.

Manju Rai (Picture courtesy: Her uncle Bikash Rai)
Manju Rai (Picture courtesy: Her uncle Bikash Rai)

She was unconscious and heavily bleeding from her forehead and nose when paramedics arrived at the scene, Kumar’s brother Bal Adhikari informed the Bhutan News Service (BNS).

Manju  was later pronounced dead by a local hospital.

Meanwhile, the driver and other three passengers Bhagi Sunwar, Sabita Subba and Punam Diyali, have suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. While, the vehicle was badly damaged.

Manju was planning to celebrate her 21st birth on March 21 by involving her friends and coworkers, a source aware of this fact told BNS.

Her younger brother and mother are still awaiting resettlement, while her father has been long serving an arbitrary jail term in Bhutan.

The funeral ceremony was not scheduled at the time of filing this report.

(Ramesh Thapa contributed to this report)

Update: A crowdfunding campaign to garner funeral cost for Manju has begun from March 8, Wednesday. Below is a button from the Gofundme.