New year cultural program in Louisville


Louisville, KY. Welcoming the new year 2015, Bhutanese Society of Kentucky hosted a cultural program today at Melbourne Heights Baptist Church, 3728 Taylorsville Road. The two phase program actually started at 11:45 am amidst a crowd of around five hundred people.

BSK artists taking center stage
BSK artists taking center stage /Photo:Nirmal Guragai

The program opened with a musical overture representing Makhamali choli an evergreen Nepali song played by Govinda Phuyel(flute) Sandeep Rai(tabla), Rajesh Subba and Kanchan Subba (guitar).

Govinda, Rajesh, Sandeep and Kanchan on the stage
Govinda, Rajesh, Sandeep and Kanchan on the stage/Photo:Nirmal Guragai

In the first phase of the program, the new board and officials of the society was announced, and high schools graduate of 2014 were honored with medals and certificates.
The second phase of the program featured cultural program, songs and dance of variety presented by the artists of Louisville. RIFF band, a musical group of young rock artists, presented modern versions of songs by late Narayan Gopal. Although the stage for full scale dance was wanting, the artists as young as five years, Angila Karki, could dance with vigor and pomp.

“It was a very hard work of volunteers of BSK, that the program could come to this shape”, said Tika Adhikari, a board member and manager of the program.
A twenty-five member board was announced which includes nine officials: Jiwan Bista as President, Prem Sunuwar for vice-president, Vinod Poudel for secretary and Puspa Dhakal as treasurer. Five coordinators include Bhim Koirala for public relations, Krishna Dhakal for volunteer management, Mitra Subedi for elderly and women support, Tulsi Rai for sports and Rajesh Subba for culture.

Out from the hall, some whispers could be heard aloud, “this time BSK did a well managed program.” Similarly, a Losar program was also organized by Buddhist community of Louisville.