New Hindu calendar made public


Hindu traditional calendar that describes the position of celestial bodies and give astrological details (panchaanga) is made public today at a small gathering in Louisville. The calendar is written according to the Eastern time zone of the US, and gives detail of sunrise, sunset, astrological dates, celestial position, auspicious occasions and more.

Nepali Panchanga
Nepali Panchanga

The Panchanga is prepared and published by Padam Lal Dhakal, an astrologer. On the occasion he said, “it will be wrong to do special hindu functions and giving names to newborn if we do not calculate time according to the time zone with reference to longitude and latitude of the place we live.”
“The price is fixed at $8 each, just to cover the cost of printing”, said Dr.Laxmi Narayan Dhakal, the eldest son of Padam.