New book on Bhutan Human Rights


December 03, 2009: On the eve of the government presenting its first human right report at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, a new book has been published exclusively incorporating major incidents and trends of human rights A document of human rightsviolations in Bhutan.

Published jointly by Association of Press Freedom Activists (APFA) Bhutan and Human Rights Without Frontiers, Nepal, the book provides vivid glimpse of the gross human rights violations in a country where rulers talk about gross national happiness.

The book, ‘entitled Human Rights and Justice in Bhutan’, covers incidents beginning 1990s suppression to political changes and scenario thereafter. According the writers, the failing to submit it as an alternative report to the human rights council due to delay in its preparation, it has been enlarged and published in the form of book.

The book report counters the claims made by RGOB in its report prepared for HRC. The book includes substantive details of human rights violations and state failure to adhere by its legal obligation to protect rights of its citizens.

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