Indian Gorkhas celebrate autonomy as talks end in tripartite pact


A tripartite agreement was signed on Monday for Gorkhaland Territorial Administration in Darjeeling. At 2.45 pm Union Home MInister, P Chidambaram, Chief MInister Mamata Banerjee and Gorkha Janamukti Morcha president, Bimal Gurung, arrived at Pintail village in Darjeeling district.

The pandal erected had a seating capacity of one thousand. Gurung offered 4000 packets of Darjeeling tea to the Home MInister and the West Bengal Chief Minister.

The memorandum of agreement was signed at 3.35 pm. Then the 45 minute programme ended at 3.45 pm and Home Minister P Chidambaram left for Delhi.

The signing-ceremony : GJM's Roshan Giri and joint secretary, West Bengal home secretary G D Gautama and MHA, K K Pathak (R-L)/Picture courtesy : Darjeelingtimes

Thousands of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) supporters gathered at the Pintal Village, near Sukna, to witness and celebrate the signing of the tripartite agreement for the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.

Clad in traditional dresses, the supporters including women gathered under the tents erected on the sprawling ground near the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council bungalow amidst tight security.

Activists of the GJM women’s wing, Gorkha Nari Morcha, took to the stage, dancing and singing to celebrate the occasion.

Many of the supporters were heard shouting slogans like, ‘Mamata Banerjee zindabad,’ and ‘Bimal Gurung zindabad,’ while shouts of ‘we want Gorkhaland,’ ‘we want a separate state,’ were also heard.

“This is a turning point in our movement and not a permanent settlement. This is only a temporary settlement to address the basic problem. The separate state issue must not be a closed chapter,” P Arjun, a member of the GJM think tank 16-member Study Forum, told PTI.

Describing the signing of the agreement as the result of a reciprocal attitude on both sides, Arjun, a former member of the West Bengal Civil Service, said, “this attitude, which is demonstrated by Mamata Banerjee, was not displayed by the previous Left Front government in finding out a solution.”

Arjun said GJM president Bimal Gurung would not hold any position in the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.

A section of the Gorkha people, however, said it would have been better if the agreement was signed after demarcation of the boundaries of the GTA.

The GJM has been demanding inclusion of the Gorkha-dominated areas of the Dooars and Terai under the GTA.

Courtesy : Darjeelingtimes


  1. This is a positive step. As long as Mumta B is the Cm, the steps for GL will move forward.This will be a strategic step for Bhutan to involve with Nepalese people in the region.
    Congratulations to the people of Darjeeling and Duars.

  2. Congratulation to the effforts made by the GJM to the cause of the Gorkhaland movement. Its a victory to the many who made their sacrifices to this cause and should be a uniting factor for all Nepalese (Gorkhas) whether they are from India, Nepal or Bhutan (United we stand, divided we fall). India should recognise the contribution made by the Gorkhas so far and give them the right they deserve.

  3. Something in hands is better than fantasying unattainable, I think Statehood should be the ultimate goal of the hill’s people. But for now, GTA is also something concrete in hands.
    I salute the people of the hills for their consistence quest of their own lands. The demand of Gorkhaland is very genuine against the milieus of sacrifices and the contributions made by the Gorkhas in India. Seeing the recent history of curving a state is not a new thing in India, but in case of Gorkhaland the previous left front and the Central government making hue and cry in order to postponed their genuine demand. The hope of full statehood is in the offing, as long as the government of Mumata Banerjee continues to rule West Bengal.
    As demanded by the Hill people the Doors and the Terai areas dominated by the Nepali speaking people should be included with in the jurisdictions of GTA. This will bring a kind of normalcy in the region, including Bhutan.
    Congratulations to the people of Hills and the Chief Minister of W Bengal for their hard work and successfully signing the peace accord.

  4. It is good news for all Nepalese or Gorkhas who are scatter worldwide. Gorkhas People reached up to this level after 23 years of struggling with Centre and state govt. GTA is something they have now but still need to hit the target. Hope the second step is to get the demarcation of the boundaries for GTA this is one of the most important thing for all then the final step is Gorkhaland. Central govt. does not want in to include Dooars and Terai in Gorkhaland.
    This is one of the historical achievements for all the Nepalese or Gorkhas. Thank you very much for Mamta Banerjee chief Minister of West Bengal. But the gravity of happiness is yet to come for the Gorkhas.
    Thank you for your great work Gorkhas
    Thank you