Nepali PM urges repatriation of Bhutanese


Kathmandu, Feb 10 : Nepali Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal this morning asked the Bhutanese Minister for Economic Affairs Wangchuk to take back the exiled Bhutanese.

“The third country resettlement alone would not solve the problem,” Nepal’s foreign advisor Rajan Bhattarai quoted Nepali PM as saying to Wangchuk. According to Bhattarai, Nepal also expressed his concern regarding the increasing suicidal trend among resettled Bhutanese in third countries.

In a response, Wangchuk committed that he would take the issue with the Bhutanese Prime Minister after his return.

Wangchuck, who reached Nepal yesterday as a special envoy, handed over invitation of Jigmi Y Thinley to Nepali PM in his official residence for the 16th Summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation to be held in Thimpu from April 28 – 29.


  1. “Justice delayed is justice denied” RGOB successfully did ethnic cleansing by the help of Indian Govt. how can he agree to take back the refugees but expel more people from the country. Its really inhuman and uncivilised politics of Bhutan and as well as gaint neighbours who indirectly supports just inhuman politics. Nepal like paralyzed form of govt. in the international issues coz it has thousands of internal problems and conflicts from constitution making and ethnic confrontations within the country. Its just a formality Mr.Madhav Nepal is trying to remain in the post and gain his popularity but will all be in vain.One should be an example to guide others and solve others problems.