Nepali movie distribution starts in USA


A young film graduate from the USA along with his team has established a Nepali motion picture production and distribution house, Ivory East Entertainments (IEE), and launched its website  last week.

Aaryan Bastola

The Founder-Director of IEE based in USA, Aaryan Bastola, made public the news through a Facebook page on May 3. According to Mr. Bastola, his team will be showing at least one Nepali movie every month in the USA.

“This is not my recent attempt”, says Mr. Bastola that he had been planning to bring the Nepali movies in the global market for over a decade. He further adds that he has always felt the need of Nepali movies to be made available in the USA and other international market in easy ways. In this way, people should not watch pirated and low quality movies.

Rajen Giri who is the Chairman of the IEE adds that Mr. Bastola, however, has a noble thought and a clear vision on his idea behind the distribution of Nepali movies in a foreign country.

“ He has  always envisioned the idea of Ivory East Entertainments with the main objective of bringing the Nepali movies in the international market. I had been looking for some similar project for quite a bit of time. This got materialized when I met Aaryan, and we formed a team.”

“Nepali film industry has already crossed its fiftieth year. However, its appearance in the international market has been hardly felt. I hope the honest attempt of IEE towards the uplifting of Nepali movies shall add to the globalization of Nepali film industry”, adds Mr. Bastola.

He also said he was desperately looking for screening movies and documentaries based on the Bhutanese refugee issue. “They are my movies of high priority. I am hoping to screen both Belcity and Desh Khojdai Janda.”

Bimal Yongpang, the public relations officer of Ivory East Entertainments informed BNS that they have a distribution agreement with Cinemark Theaters, Sonora Entertaiments, Fun Asia And Cinemagic. Now onwards, there will be no need to wait anymore for the release of DVD to watch Nepali movies; and movies can be watched in Sophisticated theaters as soon as they are released in Nepal.

According to Yongpang, the first movie show will be conducted in Atlanta, GA and Denver/Aurora, CO on May 19, followed by the show in Cleveland, OH, Pittsburg, PA and Dallas/Richardson, TX on May 26. Ivory East Entertainments will be starting the show with a recent Nepali hit “Adhyaya”.

Similarly, Mitra Ghale, the vice chairman of IEE stated their team has a plan to release movies in twenty four theaters at the same time beginning June this year. Also, all movies will be available in high quality, and tickets can be purchased at the theaters or online through the web site.


  1. I just went to the Ivory East Entertainments website. I tried to contact Aaryan Bastola at his listed phone number. It was not operating. I tried to send him an email at his listed email address but it was rejected as an invalid address. Of the 7 films listed as “Featured Videos” on their website, YouTube has removed 4 for violations of copyright. Makes me wonder……