Nepali engineer serving time in Bhutanese jail on ‘false charges’


A Nepali engineer has been languishing in a Bhutanese jail for the last two years on ‘false charges’ of corruption.

According to, Yamuna Prasad Sah, a resident of Kharihani in Dhanusha district has been serving time in Central Jail of Bhutan after being accused of corruption by a local court in 2011. His family, however, claims he was implicated on ‘false charges’.

Sah had reached Bhutan in 2009 to work as a resident engineer for a road project Lalitpur-based construction firm GEOCE took in the Himalayan kingdom.

In her letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Sah’s wife Mina said that her husband was a victim of false corruption charges and the Nepal government should take initiative for his immediate release, the report added.

She said the project contractor Ugen Norbu had falsely accused Sah of asking for bribe after the latter declared the road built by Norbu’s firm as sub standard. Sah was thenarrested by Bhutan’s anti-graft agency and subsequently sent to jail, it further reported.