Manitoba community observes Nepali New Year 2071


Nepali Cultural Society of Manitoba (NCSM) held its 7th Annual General Meeting here in Winnipeg on April 12, 2014. This annual gathering of community members also marked the celebration of Nepali New Year 2071 BS along with vouching for constructive suggestions in improving the operation of the society. The current president, Tikaram Adhikari, chaired the AGM. NCSM was initiated in 2007 to preserve, promote and celebrate common cultural heritage among members of the Nepali community who came from Bhutan, Nepal and India. In addition, the society aims to bring community members together through various programs.

Board members of AGM in session
Board members of AGM in session

The community activities are managed by a board of nine executives who organize various programs at different times of the year. The highlight of the evening included a release of annual newsletter of the society that provided a pictorial and descriptive view of the different programs the society had organized during the year. It also marked the hosting of video/photo display of various activities that the members could view during dinner.

Some local guests also joined the Nepali community for celebration.  The occasion was marked by cultural dances, songs, playing musical instrument, Nepali poem recitation, bingo and dinner. It provided opportunities for meeting families and friends as they shared the rich traditions and cultural heritage of Nepali ancestry.

Enjoying cultural program
Enjoying cultural program

There were members who travelled for over 2.5 hours from Kenora in Ontario to attend this important community event and exchange New Year greetings with other members of the community. Invited guests and other members of the Canadian society including some government officials attended the New Year celebration and had a good understanding of the Nepali culture and heritage.

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With inputs from Tikaram Adhikari, Manitoba, Canada