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Nepalese PM assures to resume talks

Delegates of  the Asian Forum for Himan Rights urged the Nepalese prime minister to resume the bilateral talks with Bhutan  in the upcoming SAARC summit.

When Bhutan is hosting the first ever summit of the South Asian Association for the Regional Copertion on  April, delegates of this Manila based human rights watchdog  met the Nepalese Prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal  and urged to resume the bilateral talkls with Bhutan.
The delegates expressed  concern over the stalled  talk between the governments of Nepal and Bhutan which has not moved a step ahead since 2004. According to prime minister’s advisor Rajan Bhattarai, Nepal  assured  delegates that he would  pressurize Bhutan  to resume talks to make it comply with its previous commitments  made in various international forums.
‘He told the delegation that he would raise this issue in informal sessions with Bhutan,” Rajan quoted prime minister as saying.
Dr. DNS Dhakal, Chief Executive of Bhutan National Democratic Party  was also present as a delegate.

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