Nepal urged to adopt Refugee Convention


Former Chief Commissioner of National Human Right Commission of Nepal Sudip Pathak expressed that Nepal must adopt the Refugee Convention 1951 to safeguard the basic rights of refugees in Nepal.

“The government should adopt the convention to make refugees feel that their rights are well protected,” Pathak said while presenting a paper at an interaction program held here in the capital on Friday.

According to Pathak, Nepal has been a host country for refugees since 50 years. However, still it has not yet expressed readiness to adopt the convention.

The Bhutanese and Tibetan refugee leaders announced a joint declaration to ensure their rights. A seven-point declaration has urged the government to assure fundamental rights and establish refugee commission to address refugees’ issues.

Participants at the interaction program

Meanwhile, addressing the program, leader of Tibetan refugees, T. Gyatso asked the Government of Nepal not to expatriate his fellow refugees to Chinese authorities. He said, their rights to take refuge should be protected.

The declaration paper also demanded citizenship to refugees, who are born in Nepal and want to live as Nepali for ever.

Leaders of various political parties of Nepal, rights activists, Bhutanese human rights leader Tek Nath Rizal and former foreign minister Chakra Prasad Bastola were among other speakers who stressed on protecting rights of various nationalities taking refuge in Nepal.

Rizal said, a strong political commitment from the government is required to resolve the long-standing Bhutanese refugee problem.

Nepali Congress (NC) Central Committee member Nara Hari Acharya said the government must ensure basic rights of the refugees living in the country.

NC leader and former foreign minister Bastola suggested the government to address the issue before it is too late.