NEA prohibits electricity supply into Beldangi camps


The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) of Damak has decided to stop supply of electricity from local community into three Beldangi camps by forcefully disconnecting connecting cables and meter box.

The NEA claimed it became compelled to cut-down the supply into the camps when local consumers complained of low and irregular voltage in their domestic supply mains.

Solar panels distributed to exiled Bhutanese by Bajra Foundation, the Netherlands, outside a refugee hut in Beldangi-II Extension. Picture / Vidhyapati Mishra

Based on an agreement reached between the NEA and local consumers’ committee earlier this week, a group of NEA officials cut down cables and disconnected meter boxes in several local houses on Wednesday and Thursday.

Meanwhile, the exiled community has demanded compensation for their equipments and other accessories, which they had purchased at the time setting the new connection into the camp.

“How can they do this when we are paying the electricity bills on regular basis?” questioned an exiled consumer. According to his claim, he has two sets of brand-new table fans which he bought for Rs 6000 just last week.

Exiled Bhutanese have said they were badly cheated by the local and NEA officials by deciding to disconnect the supply without any prior notice.


  1. That is Nepal, they do what they like. Its not new to disconnect electricity without notice. They dont take care of consumer and moreover the bhutanese in the camp. As long as you are in that hell you are compelled to bear all sorts of pressure. Choose the best option that works for you to get out of that hell and get rid of loadshedding and socio economic challenges.

  2. These locals are the most evil-spirited people in the world. They always opt the ways to hurt innocent exiled folks. They should have think about the low voltage situation before electricity was being distributed to camps. It’s like helping to build a ladder and when one is at the top of it, they purposely pulled the ladder out, leaving them stranded helplessly at the top. Merciless people!

  3. It is outrageous to hear the disconnection of power for the camp people. Actually they should be getting the power if not supplied earlier. Why the NEA let the refugees to have the power connection earlier? Didn’t they have the statisticians to calculate how much power can be consumed for the given population? Who and what influence the NEA to supply the power and disconnect it now? Power is the life line of people and disconnecting means something like smacking the blooms.
    Any action and its repercussion should be evaluated before its implementation. The latest action of NEA might bring enormous problem to the Bhutanese people living in the camps. Therefore, resumption of the supply will immensely relieve the people or least compensation of infrastructures be made for those who already invested in it.

  4. May be NEA wanted more charge per unit of electricity from the refugee. Just the over usage may not be the reason for the disconnection. There may be other risk factors in the fragile construction of refugee huts. Significantly the energy consumption culture that needs to evolve in the camp has to be transfer if the govt. of Nepal wanted to give prime consideration to environmental impact within and periphery camp. Let the give and take between the locals and refugee be of symbiotic type rather than single party monopoly.

  5. Local people( except very few) are the real blood suckers of Bhutanese people. I don’t think this is an unusual incident,as they are habituated to do like that.
    When electricity was supplied to camp, their business gone down drastically such as mobile charging, radio-tv fixing, battery charging,and many other things.So, they just feel too bad for loosing such huge amount of money from refugees. So, they decided to cut off electricity from being supplied.

    I do not see any connection between the photo and the news above.

  6. My guess is that it is just one of the indirect ways to force you for resettlement by making the environment more inhospitable out there. They may have many other tools at their disposal to be used in future. It is sad but we, as the refugees are always at the mercy of the givers. It is also difficult to blame and say anything against the local government, after all they have given us asylum so long as there was no any other option! Time to think and rethink other possibilities.

  7. Friends as you know it well how they treated us in Nepal. How can you belive them? YOu know how the people are suffering in Goldahp now. After some they will again try to be pressure to Nepal gov. to stop 3rd settlement becasue they will lost everything there.
    How comes it is low voltage now? why not sometime before? Now they will demandsomething from IOM for that again.

  8. Its really upset to know that supply of electricity in the camp is already cut off .Although this is not an unusual issue that bhutanese Refugees are facing. I think Nepalese people in the local area of Damak wish to take an opportunity of leaving Nepal to abroad like Bhutanese people did. Its a kind of pressure imposed to IOM & UNHCR in the local level.But when we see our people suffering in the camp makes really sad to everyone here in the abroad.Never they thank for structuring the infrastracturen in Eastern Nepal like Damak or Birthamode from Bhutanese Refugees according to my personal view.

  9. Dear locals,
    You compelled this “SHAMEFUL” thing happen! If you can, stop all the refugee labors from going to Damak and nearby areas to work,who have built thousands of houses, buildings, drainage for YOU, stop going into the camps looking for labour when your rice, wheat or maize get ready for harvest! Stop sneaking into camps looking for teachers for your private schools. Stop selling anything from your shops which you have BUILT FACING THE CAMPS and rebuild them facing your side. Stop giving ride to refugees in YOUR buses, tempos, mini-buses or even trucks during the festival seasons. Stop the entry of any refugees into your cinema halls.
    And, see how your economic life goes.
    I am sure that you can’t do the above mentioned things. So, if you have just little of your morality, then review your “INHUMAN DECISION” and let the refugees use electricity as before.

  10. Hay Guys I surprised to read your comments. why are u giving this kinds of comments ? what do u think about this case ? If this kinds of work is not done in Nepal, then which country is illegible to do this kind of job? since many years most of the Bhutanese are facing this kinds of trouble and these days we have to say it is normal coz Nepal govt cannot do anything better that this. do Are u agree with me?

  11. Dear every body,why do you come out with such an emotion against them.You know very well the treatment of our own government and we are refugees.Wherever refugees go they are treated like that regardless of their ethnicity.We took Bhutan as our mother land because we were born there.And it was our universal fundamental right to ask the govt.of Bhutan to have human rights in Bhutan.But what happened to the hundred thousand innocent ethnic Nepali Bhutanese and in some cases to Eastern Bhutanese.You know very well how the verification was done in Khudunabari camp that is also with the help of ethnic Nepali officials of the govt.of Nepal.And now you are expressing dissatisfaction when they have disconnected the electricity to the Bhutanese Refugee camp.Don’t you think that our ethnic relationship too which never should have been disconnected has already been long disconnected by the Nepali of Nepal? Please try to come out of the camp to end the caged life.Let your children to test the life out side of the camp to broaden their capacity to live a healthy and dignified life in this beautiful world.
    Thank you every body.