NDFB backs Bhutanese Maoists



The National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) has announced its support to the Bhutanese Maoists, Thaindian news portal reports.

 According to the report, NDFB chairman D.R Nabla, in an e-mail to IANS, has promised to render all support with congratulations to the Bhutanese Maoists for their fights against the ruling cliques.

The Maoists have been eyeing to create trouble in Bhutan and are hence keen to set up bases in Assam to stage hit and run guerrilla strikes in the adjoining Buddhist nation.

“We are not going to allow Maoists to use Assam as a launch pad for violence in Bhutan and also eventually in Assam,” Thaindian.com quotes a senior Assam police officer as saying.

NDFB’s nexus with the Bhutanese Maoist plays very significant role in the geo-political strategy of the region and is seen as mutual exchange of shelter and logistics along the Assam-Bhutan boarder.


  1. Well, Maoists, if you want troubles to your selves and want to rot in notorious Dobji and Tihar jails for the rest of your lives or get killed like a pathetic butcher-goat — undignified and in shame-, go ahead. I am not sure for what are you forcing yourselves in to this irreparable catastrophe while except a few of you guys who have no hope to settle in Nepal or abroad because of your criminal traits, no other Bhutanese want you guys to fight for them. I am also sure you guys are real stupid skunks and thick brains. Can you not see that the smarter have made their way to prosperity already or are on their way and YOU guys are being used by some wretched brains for their vested interests? You so-called moist combatants, wake up before you are ruined for life.

  2. Good go ahead to punish the devils who evicted the innocent people from the southern part of Bhutan and Settled the people from other parts in the land of exiled people.People those who are occupying our property should start moving to their places soon.Otherwise there will be more casualties.

  3. Maoists has now again surfaced into the scenario.The consequences could be so troublesome.Their so strong ideology is convincing the innocent people into their groups.Thats most dangerous. Especially young, unemployed, notorious are targeted for their purpose.In rural Nepal this ideology had worked.They target specific groups like young frustrated mens working in restaurant etc. Its a cancer.How fast does the stakeholders reacts and refine their systems to defend , thats better.
    Moasists in camps comprises of .
    1.Notorious people who believe, violence can win
    2. Those who have criminal records.
    3.Hard core groups who wants to revenge People back home
    4.Those who believe in nothing
    5.Frustrated , hopeless groups.

    The best solution would be a huge awareness campaigning in the camps.Everybody wants to live.So, there should be strong commotions that people who join maosists would die for nothing.Their objectives are void.

    Anyways, violence begets violence.Moasists are looser. They stratify the propaganda and in the midst they will be no where.I hate those coward ideologies.

    Asian Inst. of Technology