Nature’s wrath in the south

October 08: After east, the nature takes a wrath in southern districts with continued ranfaill for last few days casing major damanges in infrastructures.

Torrent rainfall on October 6 cut off Dagana from any contact with other parts of the country for the third time this year. The landslides caused by the rain blocked the 87 km Sunkosh-Dagana road at four places.

Due to the rainfall Baligangchu, 53 km from Sunkosh towards Dagana, has swollen up making it impossible for vehicles to ply the bypass. The other bypass to connect the district, Balingchu bridge, was washed away in August.

A major landslide occurred in Dagachu where falling boulders pose a great risk for travellers. In Ambichu, minor landslides occurred while Nidukha also experienced heavy landslides.

The continued rainfall has threatened to wash away Dagachu brigde as well. The health minister Zangley Dukpa, who is in Dagana visit, has been stranded in Dagapela due to landslide.

Road clearing work has begun but continued rainfall and landslide have posed difficulty in clearing the road.

The rain has also disrupted the power transmission towers in Dagana.

Vehicles plying between Trongsa and Gelephu have been stranded at Reutala in Zhemgang, due to the landslide.

The rainfall brought Druk air flights to a complete halt beside blocking national highways. Drukair today cancelled outgoing flights from Kolkata, Bangkok and Bagdogra.

In Chukha paddy cultivation in some areas is in danger of being washed away.

The meteorolists forecast rainfall at least another 36 hours as the wind is moving eartern parts.

The rainfall, which started around 7 pm on Tuesday evening, has affected all the distircts with the heavy showers in southern Bhutan.

The rainfall recorded in the last 30 hours so far, from 9 am Tuesday till 3 pm Wednesday, shows 166.8 mm in Sipsu in the south, 51.77 mm in Thimphu, 64.5 mm in Wangduephodrang and 59.22 mm in Zhemgang. Mongar and Trashigang received 28 mm and 27.8 mm of rain Tuesday 3 pm.

Major rivers have swollen. Thimpuchu gre from 1.80 m on Monday to 2.20 m by Tuesday 5 pm. Similarly, Amochu in Dorokha swelled from 3.00 m to 4.40 m, Punatsangchu from 1.75 m to 2.70 m, Sunkosh from 1.70 m to 3.90 m, Mangdechu from 6 m to 7.55 m, Kurichu from 7.10 m to 8.05 m and Aietchu in Gelephu from 1.60 m to 3.30 m.

Temporary landslide blockades on the Phuentsholing-Thimphu, Trongsa-Gelephu and Bumthang-Mongar highways were cleared.


  1. Good coverage. We’ve our identity and are struggling to retain it. Likewise, RGOB wanted to rebaptise our nomenclature which is their revolution and process of pseudo Bhutanization. Take the example of ‘Bhaligangchu’. It is BhaleKhola (भालेखोला).
    Name of places, our Dhungedhara, Chautaris, monuments etc are our cultural artefacts that needs preservation. We understand that due to economical and political factors, major and extravagent monuments were not built but whatever we have needs actual protection for unwanted threats.
    Changing a name of a place is a crime as per UNESCO guidelines and a play on the heritage is significantly criticism. Good and expertise forum needs to discuss these pertinent issues and know the concern door.
    Especially we the media groups need to be aware of these sensitive as well as burning issues.