National language bores students


Nov 09: The students of Bhutan have stated that Dzongkha, their national language is boring, difficult and has less job opportunities.

The responses came surprisingly from the students of Rinchhen Higher Secondary school when they were interviewed by officials from Dzongkha Development Commission (DDC) on Friday.

The Dzongkha graduates are expected to be jobless, and therefore the students seem less interested to learn the subject. 

Interestingly, the students were found to be studying Dzongkha because it is a main subject which is must for them to get through to the next class. 

The students demanded the subject to be simplified and made interested. 

DDC’s secretary Dasho Sherub Tenzin suggested that the students should preserve the national language. However, they stated that the government should open the institutions like Institution of Language and Culture Studies in Semtokha, where they can attain Master’s degree in Dzongkha. 

The DDC officials are scheduled to visit many schools in all Dzongkha (districts) to collect the students’ views on the quality of the national language of Bhutan.


  1. Job availability for a Dzongkha student is seriously limited not only in Bhutan but also outside. They have no chance anywhere and no future. Education is an investment and expected to improve one’s life with good job and income in future. Those who are coercing Bhutanese students to learn Dzongkha are making a big mistake. What can one learn about medicine, engineering, finance and other imortant areas of learning by becoming an expert in Dzongkha. One can only expect to become a Dzongkha Lopen. Bhutanese students should unite and oppose this policy since it is affecting their future. Bhutan is democracy and no anti-people policy should be tolerated. Let us fight back together so that those who are playing with lives of students are not reelected, I repeat not reelected next time. Let us start now. Unite all Bhutanese students!

  2. Learning a language is a good thing but the language which can not bring employment opportunity is not a language but the misfortune. The students who took parts in the survey were right to deny the course.I fully agree with the students that Dzongkha is one of the most difficult language on earth. It can not deliver anything good for any one. I think there is no harm in acquiring new language like Nepali,English,Hindi or Sharchhopkha in Bhutan. English and Nepali are the widely spoken language in Bhutan,so if the present government is really democratic than it should allow the people to practice the language of the people’s choice . Let Dzongkha be safely kept in the archive file for the future generation to see as history.

  3. It is a good sign of change(“from within”-not imposed- “from without”) that the students have started to talk about the uselessness of the language that they are forced to study at the will of the rulers in Bhutan.The language “Dzongkha” is not only a headache subject for students but also an instrument in the hands of the rulers to thwart the dreams and aspirations of students, and to carry out the discriminatory policy in the field of education ,employment and religion.The subject has created confusion on constitutional interpretation and people to people communication with in the country.
    Therefore,it is high time for the policy makers and the government to think for an alternative rather than wasting more time and resources on it.

  4. it is really said to see the feed backs in such manner…………..untill you dont develop intrest in learing wont learn………so to make dzongkh simple, popular and user friendly..we have established a institute known as dzongkha development training institute……..where we believe in developing interest of people to learn dzongkha, speak \, read and write……for the citizen as well to the forigners,,,,,,,,if any one wants to know more abt the courese do visit our web site……….we will be there to answer your doubts an clearfication on issue realted to Dzongkha…….just writing anything by anyone would not solve the problems…..

  5. Dear All,
    Apart from the crime the RGOB is committing by imposing a subject on its citizens which is neither user friendly nor comprehensive, it is also retarding the development of its citizens’ broadness required to survive in the family of human beings. The students are spending their valued intellect trying to memorise the odd grammer only to land jobless and worthless not being able to sell what they have invested all their lives. Every one is a business man no matter where he belongs to, no matter who he/she is…
    But after he graduates, he will only repent and hit his head. Most of the Bhutanese, who are educated in Bhutan and have lost their citizenship would be in a poverty trap, had they not collected all their talents in english, science, engineering, medicine and even hindi, nepali and sanskrit. What would have happened if we had relied upon DZONGKHA. Where would we go to be a LOPON -BLT.So, from this the people specially in Bhutan must understand the grave situation they can land up one day, if they totally depend on Bhutanese language.
    It can be a secondary subject or else the language development committee the RGOB should take the challenges of being self reliant on everything. But in doing so dont dare lagging behind all 3rd millenium goals of the world.