National Assembly is almost workless


Nov 18: The National Assembly secretariat has rejected many issues proposed to be discussed at the parliament session set to begin on Friday in Thimphu.

The constituency development grant (CDG), problems over construction of farm roads, effective implementation of Acts, land dispute mechanism and feeder and mule tracks were agendas proposed for parliamentary discussion. However, most of them have been forwarded to concerned agencies for review. 

The Dagana locals had asked the government to reconsider the CDG’s current system of a fixed Nu 2 million a year for every constituency regardless of size. The secretariat rejected it for discussion.

The government speculates that the grant cannot be same for all constituencies considering their size. The issue was raised and discussed by some MPs in the first session of parliament.

Two issues forwarded to the home ministry are on prohibiting cremation and burial at unidentified places and a request for a holiday on Bhai Tika.

The parliament this time also has no bills in hand to debate. In essence, the fourth session of the parliament will be a workless fulfilling constitutional provision to hold parliamentary session twice a year.