Narrow escape as tree crashes school building


Dozens of students of Tri-Ratna Secondary School of Beldangi-II refugee camp had a narrow escape when a large tree came crashing down the school building during high winds Thursday afternoon, confirmed the camp management authority.

File photo: Students of Tri-Ratna Secondary School

Fortunately, the mishap occurred 10 minutes after all students left the school premises, according to the school Principal Mon Bahadur Chhetri.

The tree damaged two classrooms, the damage being estimated to be around NRs 3,00,000, Camp Secretary Dhan Bir Subba informed.

“There was no human casualty and we are lucky for that. The mishap has occurred since the government authority has not heard our request to manage old trees around the camp settlement area,” said Secretary Subba.

Managed by the Caritas Nepal, the school has over 1500 students in grades nine and ten.


  1. Two classrooms damaged…..worth 300,000? or 3 000? I didn’t know that such an expensive infrastructure is constructed in the camp? Or are the bamboos plated with gold? The incident happened 10 minutes after all the students left the school….where is the narrow escape when the whole building was lifeless ?
    Old trees around the camp? The new plants are not spared by the camp dwellers…how come the old tress still exist? Have the camp dwellers stop cooking? And when did they start seeking permission from the government of Nepal?
    And what are these 1500 students doing in the camp? There are schools in US that never breakdown in the eye of a tornado also. Hurry UP!.