Narad Sudama launches Music Video

Photo: Narad Sudama

Gazalist Narad Sudama’s gazal-song (with music video) ‘Bichhodiyeko Mon’ [THE SEPARATED MIND] has been launched through YouTube on March 8,2019 coinciding with the International women’s day.

Photo: Narad Sudama

Narad Sudama, is a writer amidst the Bhutanese diaspora. Recently he has published a book ‘Bichhodiyeko Mon’. The video-song, is derived from the same book.

The video includes Pratap Das, one of the final contestants of the first franchise show ‘Nepal Idol’, for his magical vocal inputs, composed by Sunil Rai, a noted Nepali musician and Binod Bhujel has worked as an arranger.

The music video, envisaged by Sudama also has included new Nepali Models Sita Dhamala, Nilam Sanam, renowned senior comedian Survir Pundit (Dari Baa) and the Child Artist Ayush Joshi. Janak Singh has directed the music video. Pradeep Dahal and Muskesh Humagai have contributed towards editing and vediography.

To watch the ‘Bichhodiyeko Mon’- Click here

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