Nameste America 2 in Cleveland


The Bhutanese Overseas Organization of Cleveland of Ohio, United States organized the Namaste America 2 with Nepalese actress Rekha Thapa, Sunday.

Actress Thapa with Bhutanese artists

Actress Thapa presented her banner super hit movie ‘Rawhan’. After the show, Thapa expressed pleasure to be a part of the program. She also wished to continues such kind of typical story all over the world.

The Namaste America 2 Director  Himgyap Tashi featured the document ‘Mansari’ directing the life style of Nepali community.

The program also featured community artists like Arjun Rasily, Kanchi Maya Subba and Amber Subba among others.

The organizer also honored actress Thapa and dance Namaste America 2 Direcator Tashi at the program moderated by Narayan Pradhan.


  1. It’s indeed quite noteworthy to get a glimpse of one of the familiar Nepali cine juggernauts–Rekha Thapa—posing for a shot with some of our burgeoning Bhutanese artists in the ‘land of Uncle Sam’. Nonetheless, in their visit to America, many of the established Nepali music moguls, comedians, ‘ heroes and heroines’ never seem to miss a chance to make a hectic visit to newly resettled and ” booming” community in the US.

    In fact, the Bhutanese audience has been,by and by, becoming a ‘fertile mass’ to premiere their freshly-baked movies, songs, jokes and pranks precisely to generatre quick dollars.

    However, the reality bites when none of these entertainers just hesitated to show up even once when the entire population was grappling under a wave of fraustration, isolation and economic catastrophe for the last 20 years. Interestingly, Nepali ukhan befits here– ‘chan geda sabai mera, chainan geda sabai teda,.

    Let’s hope, Rekha Thapa, after she returns to Nepal, will pay a visit to the the Bhutanese refugee camp too, entertain them and implant some smiles on the faces of those hapless and the lost.

  2. The actor and actress from Nepal know that heavy source of income has been waiting for them in the USA. Let us help our own artists to come up with their new talents and ideas. Bhutanese artists are enough for resettled Bhutanese for now. Organize the events and help the needy Bhutanese in the camps and those in the usa who even can’t afford for their rents. Doing so may save the lives of our own brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, grandparents and parents. Have you seen these actor and actress in the refugee camps before? They never count us as human so think more before you honored anyone. Never miss use the greatest word “Honor” anymore.

  3. Lets Face the truth and stop blaming those artists. Why do we think Bhutanese refugee issue was the biggest issue in the world. We were hundred thousands, living just like the villagers next door. we had schools and a little bit of free health care system. we were far better off than the ones pulling ricksaws and working 24/7 just to feed a family. In that context even though we were refugees we could never came into highlight because we never fought. Remember when we had AMCC movement thousands of nepali people supported us. But most of the time we didnt do a damn thing. We always waited for something to happen. Nepali artists have no obligation to come help us out coz they arent rich either. I have seen hundred of them struggling just like us. We shouldn’t blame them for not helping us or not entertaining us. The are Nepali artists not Hollywood actors.
    Being that said, I never watch Nepali movies, they suck. I cant digest those forced jokes that hardly entertain me. May be if i lived in cleveland i would buy tickets for my old parents but for now I will be watching ”The roast” in comedy central.

  4. What a shame about Nepali artists! I never read any articles highlighting Nepali artist, and I did not read this article. These all Nepali artist are behind money. For 20 yrs in Nepal very few artists visited in refugee camps. Many even do not have heard about Bhutanese refugees, or even if they know they ignored them. However now, many got chance to visit USA due to Bhutanese Refugees. Be aware Bhutanese, save money and give good education, good environment to ur kids, so that one day they will have better future. There many better dancer than Rekha Thapa, give them chance. If you think preserving culture paying these folks, better find alternatives. There is nothing our kids learn from them.

  5. Why do u blame Rekha Thapa and other Nepali artist for not visiting the refugee camps. As anil said they are not obliged to do so. They are not government or any other charity organization to do so.
    People look at u for the purpose not for the sake of making u happy or to regard u. If there would have been something worthwhile to visit, I guess they would have visited the camp. U know we were not in a position to bring them to the camps, so they didn’t come down thats as simple as that. Now we are somebody and can do something to promote their interest so they are here with us, this is life and it is just practical to be this way.
    Don’t be mean Binod, the resources we have been earning is not only mean for you kith and kins , believe it or not somebody to cared us for so many years while we were in the camp and u say do not give a panny to some other we deserve it. If u get it from somebody else why don’t u venture yourself to help the iconic people like them when u say hold u for that reason.

  6. Dear Editors,
    can u remove the last paragraph of my recent article plz. coz it needed serious corrections. To compliment the previous article I have added another paragraph below.

    Don’t be mean Binod, the resources we have been earning is not only for our kith and kins , believe it or not somebody fed us, cared us for so many years while we were in the camps and no one (agencies) asked us to repay them back, but we are opening our big mouths despite reciprocating .
    My belief is simple help people as much as u can don’t tide things of the past and make the issue complicated.

    U guys are pointing fingers at the cine artists for not visiting the camps but , i think it is none of their fault for not committing for us, and I don’t see any valid reason for them to visit us in the camps. However, some artist like Rajesh Hamal visited Beldangis.

    Any way learn to observe both sides of a coin….” to give and to receive”.

  7. I salute you BIndu G. Only few people will understand like this.Rekha thapa or any artiest from Nepal are not god for us. Rekha thapa said homeless to Bhutanese people indirectly in media. so,frind please ignore those unwanted figure.

  8. As i read between the lines of some comments i got chocked with a paralytic ideas and opinion of fellow ‘annoying smart alec’. I belong to the idea that says’ do something and then say something’ but when two ends of this idea does not meet i stay away from giving my opinion. I know the photo posted in this info page does not match with the what page really want to lay out info in the society but the facts behind this is we are doing something that we were merely able to do back in Camp. I can’t wait for that day when Rekha Thapa will be replaced by Britney Spears or by Angelina Jolie.

  9. Dear friends,
    Yes, she was saying indirectly that Bhutanese are homeless. It does not mean that she can dance and act in cinema so that she is all in all. The way she was giving an interview was very immature. Ignore this crazy Rekha for forever and never share anything with this lady. Never make a platform for this type of lady to play around us. She is very immature and does not know what to speak at all. I am little bit upset with our own people who arranged Rekha to be in the program. PLease, Please, Please never do any mistake in future.

  10. I dont have idea why organizer invite Rekha. She badly criticized Bhutanese in her press meet in NY. I heard that organizing committee ignored the Bhutanese artist like Kanchi, arjun, and Amber.. Please Stop calling on the stage who hate bhutanese.

  11. I don’t mind to skip comments when they are out of orders. I went through couple of them and found same filth everywhere. How come people repeat same thing (mistake) time and again. Knowledge and intellects never come to anyone without reasonable effort. However, I see people are still behind in doing something worthwhile. Those accumulations from ditch world haven’t over yet. So as to recover from it they have to go again to the same obsolete rudimentary glimpses of blaming, analyzing, and portraying others as if they have got a job to do. Only those devastatingly spoiled people practice this trend. How come people of last Shangri-La improve their immature habits of behaving like a poorly grown up child. Some of them have even become fathers and mothers of couple of children: however, their mind still seems like a spoiled child who misses his school for those blatantly useless movies. Would you be able to be quite if something good is happening? Of course not, they will howl at someone who suggests what is good to follow. Thanks! America you have accepted all these refuse.

  12. Listen people lets look at this way. 99.99% of Nepali artists are dumb as anything it can be. Not only they arent talented but they are also waste of time. I rather watch “Jersey Shore”(Dumbest American reality TV show) rather than those Nepali artists. But on the other side i dont blame people watching them. There are people who never saw real cinemas except the craps they saw in Pathivara Hall. Having said that America is a free society. If Rekha Thapa can convince our people she can definitely do a show and make $$$ out of it. She has all the rights. And talking about if she visit us on Camp or not: Tell me how many times Obama visit our Camp or talk about us, or how many times 1974AD or Raju Lama visit our camp? The fact is none but we still buy their CD’s and listen to their music.
    The point I’m making is in a free society anyone can sell their craps. Don’t blame these arists for not visiting us. Btw we are well enough now and we dont visit no one. It doesnt mean they have to hate us. Dont play a cry game. We are so much habituated to get sympathy and affection that sometime we want it too much. Don’t play that refugee/minority game 24/7 or otherwise you’ll raise a kid who will start to think just like you and become an incompetent fool like you.
    The other thing that worries me too much is our people earn minimum pay and brag about how Nepali aritsts are after their money. Nepali artists have long survived without us. They dont need us. We are just few extra bucks in their pockets if they can run a show. Thats it. Besides that they are Nepalis and so are we except we were born in Bhutan. Try to look and respect them the same way we do to out people. Let go of all the hatred that we had in Nepal when we often suffered bad behaviors from the Local.
    If Rekha Thapa ever criticized about us let me tell you something, this women hardly can read and write. Ask her whats the area of Nepal if she answers it then it will be a miracle. Even if she said something that hurt us, its not intentional trust me.

  13. Thank you Anil Thapa. Great idea and I am convinced with the last paragraph of your comment. If Rekha Thapa………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  14. 101Nepal
    नायिका रेखा थापाले भनिन – “अमेरिकाका नेपालीहरु प्रायजसो सबै भिखारी (Homeless) रहेछन, उनिहरु नेपाल आउँदा सम्मान गर्नुपर्ने कुनै जरुरतनै छैन ।” भिडियो हेर्नको लागि यो लिंकमा थिच्नुहोस >>>> — Timeline Photos
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  15. guys,
    1. she doesnot know what homeless means, she thinks that using english words will show that she knows english- the general tendency !
    2. she is referring to Nepalis who would go back – or has family connections in Nepal and not to the Bhutanese diaspora.- – relax!!Let Nepali bros and Sis in US deal with her.