Music album ‘Samridh’ released in U.S.


A music album “Samridh” that contains songs written by Teku Chhetri was released recently in Des Moines, Iowa. The album is the second solo album by Bhutanese lyricist after the “Pahilo Bhet” by Seattle-based Khem Rizal.

The album's cover
The album’s cover

Lyricist Chhetri informed Bhutan News Service that his album was first released from Kantipur FM jointly by lyricist Dr. Krishnahari Baral, singer Yojana Puri and Kamal Rasaili earlier in June.

While in Iowa, Nepali singer Roshan Gurung and Bhutanese artists including Kishor Siwakoti, D.B. Tamang, Kiran Gajmere and Deepak Dasnami jointly released the album amidst a cultural night.

Speaking at the program, singer Rajesh Thapa said that he really enjoyed the melodious music from Chhetri’s album and requested all Bhutanese to help upcoming artist by purchasing its copy.

The album contains five songs sang by Nepali singers Anju Panta, Sworup Raj Acharya, Shiva Pariyar, Kamal Rasaili and Yojana Puri.

Hari Lamsali, Kamal Rasaili, Deepak Dasnami and Kiran Gajmere have composed the album that comprises both sentimental and romantic songs.

During the event, Iowans Bhutanese also enjoyed many dances and beautiful songs from Rohan Gurung, Rajesh Thapa, D.B. Tamang, Kiran Gajmere, Chabbi Neopaney, Tula Acharya, and Kishor Siwakoti.

Balika Pulami and Sita Gurung from Namaste Music Group presented a dohari (duet folk song) with Rajesh Thapa, which became a center of attraction of the musical night.

The Bhutanese Community in Iowa (BCI) also honored Bhutanese artists during the program chaired by its president Harka Biswa.

(The pictures in the gallery are courtesy of Nabin Khadka, Iowa)