Murderer in police net, URFB involvement disclosed


Oct 3: A team of Armed Police Force has arrested Yadav Gurung of Beldandi I camp who was in the top of the wanted list of police for increasing murders in camps.

According to the camp secretary of Timai camp, Gurung was arrested on Friday from his camp.

Police has also arrested another man affiliated to United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan (URFB) along with Gurung. Last year, URFB had rocked bombs in Bhutan twice and had declared ‘arm launch’ against the regime.

APF source further informed BNS that Gurung admitted his involvement in this underground outfit. During the police investigation, Gurung also disclosed that the URFB cadres murdered both K. B. Khadka and Shatiram Nepal.

Another wanted man from Timai, Bhim Gurung also has hand in glove over Khadka’s murder, Yadav told police.

Gurung further revealed the police that former camp secretary of Beldangi-I Ramesh Subba heads this underground revolutionary outfit.

Subba, who addressed a mass meeting in Beldangi-I camp after the completion of his tenure few years back, had sworn not to return to camp until the struggle for repatriation takes place. Since then Subba is believed to be spending underground life and is out of contact.

Late Khadka was stabbed-to-death on September 8 near Beldangi camp by two masked youths.


  1. It’s good that the criminal gang members are now arrested. They should be given life in prison. Police now should go after the leader of this criminal gang Ramesh Subba and do not jail him but hang him that’s the punishment he deserves. Let’s hope that criminals are not forgotten but brought to justice no matter where they live and hide. I am very happy for this police work.

  2. nice to hear the criminals are in police custody, it is really sad news to know the involvement of human rights activist in the murder, what are they aspecting the result of killing each other in the refugee camps??? will that bring change in bhutan??? now time has come for all bhutanese in the camps should be alert so called leaders are trying to divide the refugees into two groups….. stop that all dont play dirty game on innocent refugees……

  3. Good Work APF for nabbing the killers.
    Truth never hides for long.Almost all the murders in the camps are directly or indirectly are done by so called Human Rights Activists.These People use innocent youths in the camp to create chaos in the camps.Looking at the history we know all the killings in the camps are organised by Human Rights activists. For Instance,Budhathoki ,Shanti Ram Nepal …..and finally K.B.Kharka.
    These organisations use the funds and donations recieved for Human Rights campaign to kill People.
    S.B was released under bail for the murder od Shanti Ram Nepal.Why the law enforcing authorities allow such criminals to stray.Tie Subba at the earliest so that the soul of the deceased rest in Peace.
    Go on invistigating many more Human Rights Masks will be in the line and all these guys should be behind the bars at the earluiest.