Murder draws overwhelming concerns, condemnations


Sept 13: Exiled political parties and human rights bodies have expressed their deep concern over the mushrooming growth of unruly activities inside Bhutanese refugee camps in eastern districts of Nepal.

Balaram Poudel, chairperson of a political coalition of three parties National Front for Democracy in Bhutan (NFD) has shown serious concern about fragile security system in camps. NFD’s concern follows the brutal murder of one KB Khadka recently.

General Secretary of People’s Forum for Human Rights in Bhutan DP Kafle has stated that there have been rise in the unruly activities inside refugee camps. Kafle has further appealed the authorities concerned for the management of security to refugees in camps.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Organisation of Bhutan (HUROB) has shown serious concern over the brutal killing of social activist Khadka on September 8 near Beldangi refugee camp in Jhapa Nepal.

“The ghastly murder of Khadka has shocked everyone in the Bhutanese community. The motive behind the cowardly murder is not known as he had good rapport with everyone in the camps and also with the people outside,” reads the press statement.

HUROB has also said that Khadka was one of the responsible persons to play crucial role as Camp Secretary in early 90s to establish the camp and rehabilitate the refugees.

Terming Khadka as a strong justice, the human rights body also said that the death of Khadka is a great loss to entire Bhutanese community.

HUROB has concluded that the incident has instilled fear in the mind of the refugees and insecurity of life.

“Every refugee comprehends that the murder is a well planned action by some ruthless murderer. The whole refugee community is mentally disturbed and anguished. The Nepal government should take note of the increasing trend of murder in the camps and accordingly strengthen the security measures for other refugees,” added the statement.

Condemning the murder, HUROB has urged the Nepal Government and UNHCR to take appropriate steps to find the culprits and bring before the law.

HUROB has also extended its heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and relatives of late Khadka.

Executive Chief of the Bhutanese Refugee Durable Solution Coordination Council Hari Bangaley, who is now in New York in USA, commenting on the incident upon the request of BNS demanded that the murderers should be fallen in police net.

“The nature of the incident is very sad and condemning,” said Bangaley over telephone, adding that the culprit should be given strong punishment.

Bangaley, a close friend of late Khadka during the activities and various technical programs launched by the Bhutanese Refugee Technical Education Centre (1998-2003) for refugees in camps, said that killing human being is entirely against norms of human rights.

“I have been hinting on the fragile security system in camps for the last few years and not to an exception now the situation in camps is as it was before,” added Bangaley.

According to Bangaley, the UNHCR has to come up with additional programs for the protection to refugees in camps, in his own words, he has raised this issue for quite sometimes. “The government of Nepal should come forth with strong measures to stop unruly activities prevailing inside camps,” said Bangaley, who termed late Khadka as one of the good leaders for social justice within Bhutanese refugee community.

He also stated that it is the right of refugees to exercise their right to live in fearless atmosphere in the host country.

“Anyone who are in such wrong steps should be given good lessons by the authority that they are not comfortable in doing so anymore and for others it should be a guideline to get to respect human being and their right to live as the first and the most important among all”, added Bangaley.

Demanding security for Khadka’s relatives in camps, Bangaley also extended his heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.


  1. Balaram Poudel is a BPP man. He should write as his party. His boss Budathoki was killed in broad day light by RC Subedi but he never pressurized Nepali police to go after the murderer R.C. Subedi and his gang members who are still free after eight years of murder. Action like this is encouraging young refugees to commit crime and flee from Nepal to hide in Assam, West Bengal and other Indian states and these people’s relatives in camps secretly give them money and support and go and meet them. I want to ask Balaram why his party did nothing to get Subedi and his friends to face justice for the killing. In this case of Khadka’s murder the killers must be sought and arrested whether they hide in Nepal, India or anywhere. Camps must be closed down indefinitely until Nepali police arrest them. Let it not happen like Budathoki murder where killers are not caught even today.

  2. NOTE: your comment was deleted because it was written almost all in filthy styles. Please remember that use of soft, direct and readable (acceptable to audience of this site) comments will only get a space for publication… Editor

  3. Bhutanese political parties and Human Rights group play double standard politics. ??????????
    I suggest all Human Righrs group to practice what you preach.You lead and you are in the organisation for respecting the rights of the people.So why you forget your responsibilities?Why make hue and cry and make media hype unnecessary wasting time?
    You have to accept the truth sometimes and it is always bitter and sour.You claim to be HUMAN RIGHTS GURU but your deeds in no case match for what you are.It is important for you to understand that refugees too are human beings and not mere potatoes (as you see) that can be sold in the market with lots of bargain for the price.
    Mr.kharka was murdered on a broad daylight ,all must condemn such acts and it becomes our prime duty to prevent /control such activities in the camp.Right groups have condemned and I appreciate your move.But on the other hand I CONDEMN YOU and YOUR RIGHTS ORGANISATIONS,for you guys hide around the bush and play foul game.You opposed the third country resettlement (TCR) and voilated the rights of the individuals to make decission.You opposed the move and started using teenagers in the camp to bring divided the refugees in such a way that unity amongst refugees in near future seems to be a distant dream.
    Many refugees lost their lives in the camp for no appreciable cause.In the name of Human Rights you guys deprived many refugees their due my understanding it is this rights group that is responsible for dividing the people in the camp,creating distrust and fights……….finally ????????????????
    If human rights and political group want peace in the camp stop politicising the camp and do not interfere in people’s mindset.
    Can you give some instances where you have protected the HUMAN RIGHTS??