Morcha denied imposing dress code


Nov 27: Bimal Gurung, the president of Gokha Mukti Morcha, denied that the party has not imposed dress code on Bhutanese students in the hill districts, according to Kuensel.

Gurung, however, admitted that they wanted the Bhutanese students to support their movement on humanitarian grounds. “If they feel insure, they aren’t imposed to wear their traditional dresses,” Kuensel quoted as saying.

Earlier, various students’ unions pressurized the Bhutanese students studying in the hill districts to compulsorily follow dress.


  1. The president of GJJM is not Bhim Gurung.Please correct the news.The president is Bimal gurung.Bhutanese students from bhutan in darjeeling are worst.In 2007 Bimal gurung had imposed a rule that those with short panty size dresses will be send back to home from hill.Once in a meeting in “Mela Ground” darjeeling,Bimal gurung,the president said,students from bhutan are the one who brought bad culture in hills,such as putting small dresses,kissing in public and doing sexual things in park,so if they still keep on doing the same things,we wont allow students from Bhutan to enter Darjeeling.
    Bhutanese student might have put those short dress,and got a rule imposed saying hilly dress/nepali dress is compulsory to them also.BUT PLEASE CORRECT THE NEWS,REPLACE BHIM WITH BIMAL GURUNG

  2. Dear all,
    The Bhutanese students in the hills must wear the nepali gorkhali dress
    if they want to continue their studies further.As those people forced the nepali
    speaking people in bhutan to speak dzongkha n wear drukpa dresses.
    So i request gorkhali friends to make them compulssion to wear nepali dress code.
    If denied send them back to their homeland.

  3. dear all

    it is very happy to read this command by GjM leader. Bhutanese people should wear Nepali dress code while they are in Hills areas, they should keep their dress at home. Bhutanese people should realised that. More than one lakhs bhutanese nepalise people were ran awya from bhutandue due to dress code in bhutan. Bhutan government made nepalise people compulsory do so. So i request Darjeeling leaders the bhutanese students studying in the hill areas compulsorily follow dress ( Nepali dress)

  4. Dear All,
    This what is called TIT FOR TAT.I would like to ask the Government of Bhutan why they have been imposing Goh and Keera to Nepali speaking people there inside Bhutan. Another thing of interest is why Bhutanese Government is afraid of Gorkhaland Movement and it is asking West Bengal Government to stop Gorkhaland activities in Darjeeling.In my opinion, if Gorkhaland is established, Gorkhalis all over the Indian will be stronger which may be harmful to Bhutanese ruling class. Another thing is they are afraid of Democratic Struggle being imported from neibours,which is too far (Kakarbhitta,Nepal)to come to Bhutan so far.

  5. If it is the school dress code, one should happily abide by the rule of school. But if it made compulsory to kind of harrass the bhutanese students, it is unfair. I also dont think one should clap ones hands hysterically like some of you here are doing, to see some bhutanese being forced with a another ethnic dress. It makes rather sense to realise that it is exremely hard to change ones culture dress, religion, attitudes,feelings, understanding etc over night on a point of gun. First of all it should never have to happen, secondly, If at all it has to,It has to come over a periods of time with enough reasons,support, base and awarnesss.There is no reason for grudges and revenge or instigations.