Missing youth found dead in Syracuse


Mitra Mishra, 20, who went missing from home last night at around 11.30, has been found dead at the Scheller Park today morning in Syracuse, New York.    

A team of police led by Steve Kilburn, detective of Syracuse Police Department Criminal and Investigations Division is undergoing necessary investigation about the incident.  

Mitra Mishra. Photo/Leela Adhikari, friend of late Mishra.
Mitra Mishra. Photo/Leela Adhikari, friend of late Mishra.

Police involved in the investigation have suspected that Mishra might have committed suicide. The exact reason behind the death, however, is not yet known.  

The dead body has been taken for postmortem at the Onondaga County Medical Examiner’s Office. It is reported that family members can have access to the deceased body only on Tuesday.  

Originally from Lalai in Sarbhang District, Mishra, who moved to Syracuse in August 2009 through resettlement program, hailed from Timai refugee camp. 

By Kazi Gautam/BNS


  1. I feel sorry to hear such news of a young man of our community. I request New York based community organization as well as ABA and OBCA to assist American State police for finding out the main reason of his death.

  2. Thanks Kazi bhai providing the photo and the perfect news, let us know what Jacksonville people can do.
    thanks for every step of help you are doing for mitra’s family.

    Manoj Rai

  3. It’s extremely shocking to learn about the loss of another Bhutanese youth. As indicated above in the news, if it is a suicide, it infact counts as another series of the result of acclimation retardation, eventual depression and then the loss of hope of life in the new habitat. If so, I think its time for us to work to curb such possibly prevalent misfortunes in the days ahead. Some sorts of self empowerment programs/workshops/orientations could be launched in one or the other way, focusing to strengthen the self esteem. We must trust ourselves that our lives are very precious, they mean a lot to many than to a self.
    While mingling with this entirely new world for most of us; especially we youths should use strict cautions along every pace we walk. Its very important to know for our family/relatives/anchors where we are and what for. As far as possible, be accompanied by some one from the community if you are going to strange places. Atleast inform someone in your family before you exit your apartment door, that will give peace to the kins in hundreds of ways.
    On behalf of OBCA and on my own behalf, I express heartfelt condolence to the bereaved associates of the deceased.
    Yam Kharel

  4. I am deeply shocked by learning about the unexpected and untimely demise of Mitra Misha tragedically.To add fuel to fire,I came to know that he was being survived with his only aged grandmother in the United States currently. Thus, I pray to God to let his lonely Grandma attain the power to tolerate the misery at the moment and may his departed soul rest in Heaven.
    Hem Kumar Gurung.

  5. We never recollect this loss,irrepairable loss for resettled Bhutanese Community.Questions must be asked to the nearest & dearest friends of the deceased.Counselling to this type of friends is indespensible in our own respective resettled cities & get them advised in the areas where they are suffering or finding difficulties…. Encouragement, exploring new things / jobs ….assisting the person in the right direction in the right time by the right person can help to some extent to reduce this type of human catastrophy…. Let us pave ways to reduce the suide cases in future. Work hand in hand to ease our friends & relatives to get rid of this kind of incidences in the forth coming days by us.

  6. I am very sad and shocked to hear that this is a possible suicide. Life in America is not easy and I think that sometimes people struggle with the perception they had before coming, despite cultural orientation, and the reality they face. The job situation and the menial jobs many young people have to do has got to be depressing given how many youth speak English.Those under 18 have the brightest future. It is those between 20 and 30 who may feel lost with limited hopes. When and if the economy improves, things will get better.

    I also strongly that Bhutanese should not be settled in cold climates which just creates more tension and sadness. Plus the cost of living is so much more than where I am in Atlanta. The recent documentary about Bhutanese refugees in NYC is quite alarming.

    I hope that his family will always have good memories of this young man

  7. The family has agreed to accept help from the Bellewood Baptist Church, 445 Church Street, North Syracuse, NY 13212 USA in setting up a way to collect donations to pay for funeral expenses. You must designate in the memo area of the check “Mitra Funeral”. In addition, as of 5pm today, the case officially has been ruled by the medical examiner a suicide and police are not willing to investigate further. Since there is great doubt that this is actually the case, there will be pressure brought to bear on the office of the Mayor and Police Chief Fowler to ask how such a conclusion has been made when police have not examined phone records or spoken to the mysterious person who made a call to his now missing cell phone around 11pm. In any event, pray that God will shed light on this situation for understanding and that he will comfort and heal the broken-hearted.

  8. Thanks Kazi dai for that shocking news. Its very sad to hear about another Bhutanese youth`s sudden and mysterous death. Hopefully Kazy Dai you will release another article stateing the reason of his death.
    I hope Jacksonville youths has not forgotten that day when Hari Adhikari was shot to death in front of his apartment last year and control themselves at night as I see a lot of jacksonville youths have again started moving around their apartments at night.
    I want to convey a very hearty condolence to all late Mishra`s beraved family and friends for the loss of their greatest asset.

  9. iam very sorry to hear this unexpected and untimely demise of young Mitra bhai,it is a great irreparable loss in the human life,any way i pray GOD to give courage to tolerate the pain to the bereaved family.let his departed soul rest in the heaven,
    Bhima Baniya N family.

  10. I wish I could recite a holy incantation and bring you back to us son. Your friends Tika, Tila, Gopi, Purni, Madhu, Laxmi, and I shall keep you and your family in our prayers.
    Until we meet again….

  11. I never met you Mitra and now I never will. But for your life to be cut so short has saddened more then you could ever imagine. You had friends and family that loved you and wanted only the best to come your way. I pray for all those that are hurting that they will feel God’s love and comfort.

  12. i am so sorry to hear really upsad.coz it”s the time to enjoy his life so gladely bt what happen? how come i can”t imagine.it”s really hard to forgot
    as we are friend praying for hole family thankx for kazi dai that we know about mitra.

  13. Poor Mitra. It is so sad to think that he had to depart from this Kingdom of God at the age of twenty. May his soul attend Heaven the other Kingdom of God and be at eternal peace.
    Thoughts and prayers to the bereaved family. We are with them in this hour of irreparable loss and grief.

  14. We are completely shocked and saddened at the unfortunate and sudden demise of Mitra Mishra.Please be strong and accept our condolences and all our sympathy is with you.May the comfort of God help you during this difficult time.
    Heaven is a place nearby, so there’s no need to say goodbye.
    With deepest sympathy
    Ram Gurung
    Bhutanese Artists of Georgia

  15. Death is irreparable loss and that too for such a fragile family. I happen to receive the second hand information and one can argue for its authenticity, even then let us be little open. Most of the people that I communicated told me that this incident may not be suicide but ….. It can be argued as foul play.
    Whole of USA was celebrating its birthday with different festivity and a poor Bhutanese refugee who has migrated not more than a year has to end his life. What a fate and bad luck.
    I think just writing condolence messages or expressing grievances may not provide the required help to the family. The matter is serious and very urgent too. Study its family background, know the degree of vulnerability and join hands as a part of the family during such time of need.
    We acclaim as if we can touch the azimuth by words and our honored leaderships, can you cooperate with concerned bodies to find out the fact of this incidents? When we exert collective inertia, I do believe that it brings some change, here the result.
    May your eternal soul rest on peace, brave young lad.

  16. I am deeply saddened by the loss of this amazing member of the community. I had the honor of teaching Mitra at the high school he attended in Syracuse. He was an amazing young man and a positive force in classroom. My condolences to all family and friends close to Mitra, may he rest in peace.

  17. Mitra was a wonderful young man with many friends. His presence will be missed in school and the community. Everyone from school is deeply sadened by this loss. I wish to express my deepest sorrow and condolences to Mitra’s family and friends. I had the pleasure of meeting Mitra through his school and hope that he is at peace.

  18. it is extremly bad news to the all bhutanese people and other.i am really very sorry to hear this news. i pray his soul will peacefully reach in heaven.hope that god can provie courage to overcome this sadness death of our beloved friend.

  19. I was shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Mitra’s sudden passing. My my love and prayers go out to his family, especially his dear grandmother, and all close friends. Mitra was my student and what a hard working and determined young man he was! He was a gentleman. I will miss him and I know he will be missed by many at our high school.

  20. I am so sad to hear the news that Mitra has passed away. He was an excellent student, with such drive and convictions. I will never forget how hard he worked, how strongly he believed in his country and people, and how happy he was to hear that his mother was coming to join him in the United States. He will most definitely be missed among the Fowler community, and it will be a much lonlier place. He was an amazing student and a precious person. I will miss him dearly.

  21. mitra … my best friend i miss his arms warm around me telling me to be happy. i know why this happened and it is quite sad. i write an online journal entry to him every day. mitra i miss you and if you were here id be with u through everything. im sorry i left that week if i was there this wouldnt of happened. i hope things are okay and i love you with my whole heart…~love, nissy~

  22. I’m extreemly sad by the loss of another Bhutase youth. It brings a kind of frustation and hopless to the entire Bhutanese. If it is a suidal case, I request all the Bhutanese not to loss hope and forget the meaning of life. We have a long way to go and may have to to face several ups and downs. But struggling is the key to success.
    Any way, I express my heartfull condolence to mitra’s family and friends. Let his soul be remain peace in haven.