Missing individual found dead in Berlin


Durga Acharya, 44, who went missing from his house in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, since December 12, 2013 was found dead in a river on 18 January in Berlin, Germany. The German police confirmed the death and identified the deceased as Durga Acharya from the finger print.

According to Lalit Basnet of Bhutanese Community of Netherlands, the community members are planning to raise money for the funeral of late Durga, while the dead body is in process to be brought to Holland. Ram Karki, a Bhutanese entrepreneur, updated in his facebook page about the incident and expressed his sorrow over the death of a friend. Ram Karki mentions, ‘He was found dead by the German Police in Berlin in a mysterious way.’ Of course, he went missing from his home mysteriously and found to have  used his credit card for purchasing train ticket since missing.

Durga had travelled almost 500 km away from his home– to Berlin– where no Bhutanese or Nepali people lived. Meanwhile, BNS learned from an unnamed source in The Netherlands that the deceased had long suffered from depression and had refused treatment.

‘The dead body shall be handed to the Hindu cremation company in Amsterdam by the German police by Monday or Tuesday’, informed Ram Karki to BNS. ‘It requires 4200 Euro for the funeral and the community is preparing to support the family of the deceased’, said Karki over telephone.

Durga is survived by wife Menuka and two daughters of seven and four.