Midday blaze destroys dozens of huts in Beldangi-I


A fire destroyed around 100 huts in Beldangi-I refugee camp Tuesday after the lunchtime. More than three dozens of huts were reported to have been dismantled while containing the fire.

Most of the huts gutted by fire are from Sector B-4, according to Beldangi camp management committee.

Desperate refugees in the scene. Photo: Tilak Niraula/BNS

According to our correspondents, the victims have claimed that they first saw the inferno from a hut owned by Nar Bahadur Khapangi. Officials are yet to verify this fact.

The road connecting Beldangi-I with the adjacent camp became a cotton thread for flocks of refugees who were running to battle the fire.

The joint battle of three fire extinguishers, Armed Police Force and refugees took over an hour to bring the mishap under their control.

The displaced refugees, who number over 700, are taking shelter in camp based schools. The cause of the fire and damages caused were not known immediately.


  1. IF the bhutanese refugee are depanding in bhumpa , harkazong ,santa mandal , than i think not only the huts all bhutanese refugee were trun into ashes and lastly i wana say to all bhutanese plz respect to the IOM and make sure for the resstlement .

  2. Labey ,Narad,First of all you cannot command forcefully or request anyone in the camp for resettlement,its people choice and they have right not to accept the offer.Everyone in the camp is educated like you so they can decide by themselves what is right and what is wrong for them?
    Secondly i have read the news of Fire in the camp and Police have also suspected foul play since camp election is at the door of refugees.I have heard that there are tons of candidates running for the Camp Secretary so this might be one of their tactics to highlight their campaign indirectly.
    Thirdly,some of the refugees are in terrible conditions since they have lost everything so lets think on the other way to contribute some amount of money to overcome this difficult situation.We can do this through BHUTANNEWS SERVICE.I am ready to contribute but havent found proper source.

  3. Dear Narad G.
    Please don’t try to merge all Bhutanese people in the camp into your stupidy thoughts.That is their wish .You are not right person to decide their decision.What you have done that much great after your relocation in third world. Do you think you are true son of drukland?

  4. A genuine comment, I support Pokhrel jew….coz 22 years of waiting to go back Bhutan and living in inhuman condition in camp is enough.
    So called leaders ….are, all corrupt and these cunning foxes are always busy working for vested interest and helping their relatives and friends and poor and innocent people are neglected in the camps.
    We will never never able to go back to Bhutan in this life time.Because we have many organizations/parties within a small population of one lakh and so and leaders are divided due to EGO clashes and corrupt Nature.
    These few old foxes like Bumpa Rai has no other option other than run their business in the name of innocent refugee due to age factor and lack of supporting documents to settle abroad.