Media sets up online call to support victims


In a bid to collect financial support to fire victims in Beldangi-I camp in eastern Nepal, Bhutan Media Society (BMS), the media regulating body in exile, has set-up an “online call” urging individuals to extend possible support.

A media statement issued by the BMS urged the Bhutanese abroad to extend possible support. “You have time and again been kind in context to emergency situations in camps. This time some hundreds are in need of your kind help in Beldangi-I camp,” reads the statement, adding- “We appeal you and your family to extend possible support to these fire victims, who all are our friends and relatives.”

Camp residents in Beldangi-I involved in bringing the fire under control. Photo/Arjun-BNS
Camp residents in Beldangi-I involved in bringing the fire under control. Photo/Arjun-BNS

The Society has assured for the accountability and transparency of the funds. “We will publish your details including amount you support and all other related information in the official website of Bhutan News Service,” adds the statement.

The fire that broke out from Beldangi-I A/2 hut number 202 that belonged to Padamlal Biswakarma on May 7 evening turned 13 other huts into ashes, while eight other huts with bamboo and thatch were dismantled, according to camp management committee of the camp.  

Some 250 people including three dozens of school children were displaced by fire and are taking shelter in Green Vale Academy. According to the camp based Armed Police Force this fire destroyed properties worth 200,000 Nepali rupees.

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  1. Thank you editors for your efforts. Now people trying to be leaders (Manoj, Manorath, Mr. Bhandari and Acharya) must come up to support these poor people. I am just a simple teacher in camp and have contributed 200 rupees already. How is is ABA or OBCA is donating?