Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Masks On! Go On!

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The Oval — a view that never gets old at Ohio State University (OSU). Every time I am on the eleventh floor of the Thompson Library, I can look over The Oval which is shaped by the residence halls, dining halls, and academic buildings surrounding it. Although it’s marked with circles that are six feet apart, it is still a place of serenity and peace. There are so many paths to take there but for now, it’s only to the dorm, dining hall, library, and back to my room again. This is my first time living on this campus. I was excited to meet new people, make new friends, and pull impulsive all-nighters all year long. 

Oh, how these expectations fell short! Now, I wait six feet apart in lines to get my food in dining halls and restaurants nearby. I can no longer talk to the student in front of me without them moving back. With a slightly awkward laugh, I say “I promise I don’t have corona.” 

Let’s not forget the epic football games at the Ohio stadium. I thought the Buckeye football games were going to be the highlight of my fall semester. I mean, who in Ohio doesn’t want to see Michigan University defeated by the Buckeyes. 

Regardless, I wouldn’t want to go home and miss out on relaxing by the Mirror lake at OSU. I would also miss the Thompson Library and the increase in my productivity while I’m there. Not to mention how I love to post these places on Instagram; I’m sure my Instagram followers are tired of seeing me post the Mirror Lake and Thompson Library by now.

Although there may be some students who may not feel the same. There was a party a few weeks ago where over 200 students were present — obviously lacking a common sense of good judgment. As it turns out, they were suspended for attending this party. We should all know by now that a few drunken nights are not worth jeopardizing the health and well being of those around us.

My roommate, a few friends, and I spend most of our evenings walking down High Street finding new restaurants, taking pictures, and talking — obviously with our masks on! A few here and there with their masks off but if you stare at them weirdly enough, they will put their mask on. 

This one time, I accidentally left my mask in my friend’s car; It felt like I was committing a crime so I took my sweater and held it in a way that covered my face. Ahh, the shame I felt!  

Hopefully, by next year masks are not the norm and I get to talk to the person in front of me in line. Although I do have more time to do my school work – procrastination is a thing of the past, I wish. Even better, I have more time to write about my adventures on High Street just for you.

Be with you shortly with another chapter, with another rant about another day of Arati. For now, masks on and go on!


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