Martyr’s salvation programs conclude


Punya Foundation has wrapped up its three day Martyrs’ Salvation program in Atlanta, Georgia today amid a religious function based on Hindu mythology. The program, according to the organizer, was launched to honor the sacrifices made by Bhutanese martyrs.

Participants of the program listen to Shreemadh Bhagawat preceptor reciting the holy sermon in Atlanta. Photo Courtesy/Gopal Subedi

Our correspondent in Georgia reported that hundreds of resettled Bhutanese dwelling in Atlanta including the resettled folks from North Carolina, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Ohio, Florida, among other places also showed their participation. Coordinator of the organizing committee in Atlanta Pashupati Timsina further informed BNS that 400 plus devotees attended the function yesterday.

According to Timsina, not only Bhutanese but fellow friends from both Nepalese and Indian societies here in the USA also participated during the function. The Foundation also distributed ‘letter of appreciations’ to volunteers involved in making the program successful.

Interestingly, an African American calling himself a Hindu follower showed up during the final day program today in Atlanta. Addressing the function, this unnamed American citizen encouraged resettled Bhutanese to continue preserving their culture and tradition.

Maheshor Regmi, one of the prominent Bhutanese Shreemadh Bhagawat preceptors recited the holy sermon followed by singing of Vajan-Kirtan (religious hymns) in the name of departed souls of known and unknown Bhutanese martyrs.

Addressing the wrap-up function in Atlanta, Tek Bir Chhetri, Chairman of the Foundation said that the puran was organized in memory of those Bhutanese martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the general cause.

Yug Dabadi of the Foundation addresses the function in Washington. Photo Courtesy/DP Neopane

Meanwhile, the Foundation also organized an hour-long salvation program in Kent, Washington, USA at the Kent-Covenant Church in accordance with the Christian mythology.

According to Yug Dabadi, volunteer of the Foundation, who had informed the gathering about the formation and objectives of the foundation, around 70 resettled Bhutanese attended the function.

It is reported that a Nepali national Pastor Bashu Prasai talked about the people who had lost their life during democratic struggle in Bhutan. He offered prayers to the family members of the martyrs for their well-being. Prayers were also offered for the people who have become the victims of violence and still continue to suffer inside Bhutan. Addressing the program, Pastor Prasai also requested the gathering to help the Foundation and help support the families of the Martyrs.

Meanwhile, Tek Bir Chhetri, Chairman of Punya Foundation has shared his thoughts with BNS/Saranarthi Sarokar representative from the function venue in Atlanta regarding the relevancy of ‘martyr’s salvation program.’

Link to the interview with Tek Bir Chhetri in Radio Bhutan Online


  1. Congratulation to Punya Foundation. No blame to anyone. Dr. Lakshimi and Dr. Prakash has conserved and promoted the same culture of past 40 years. We may hit big ball, get the name of father of alternative medicina, we may see rocket scientists and intelligent astrologer,politicians, engineers etc. but still brain surgery for a modern society is highly required.
    Try to use the education you got from scholarship money for all Bhutanese.Stand for equality. You may consider success after puran, no real challenges are yet to come. You finished puran, whcih means you just started a journey. Don’t think a big mass supported puran all of them are innocent people. They can not tell what for puran was done. People attained because of the word PURAN. 97 percent didn’t know it was a martyrs salvation program.


  2. You have lost your sleep for long.Accept my real statement. The whole puran was done with negativity and fight with other religion and cast.Puran organizer couldn’t tolerate leadership of other cast leaders. Punya foundation supported the same sentiments. I can prove everything.

  3. no BIcharji is writing the other side of the coin .This is nothing to do with our scholarships dear .This is just the first step to get our community back in the unified platform .Living at different locations we may loose our past .It was the simple mini step to thank the sacrifice made by our dear ones to the grater cause .I do not know about Lakshmi but for me I do not take any credit at all for this as I could not be very useful in any way .
    Bicharji I do respect your opinion but it is the majority opinion taht i flow with .I am surprised you came up with 97%.Either you are very very good person who has taken very tidious job to get the opinion pool or a survey .
    The other possibility is that you are just saying things which are base less .
    we have move to more objective and more open world I am sure people will not listen to you if they are jsut said .
    thanks once more for your comments
    I love to be useful to all bhutanes irrespective of my educational background.Please let me know what i need to do

  4. Bichar,leadership with ego will not find place in the society and will not be respected. Self-proclaimed leaders with ego, vested interest, unaccomodative and dictators will ultimately fit at the distal cornor of the community landscape.No way such demagogue will be respected. “When there are no trees, chilli tree is the biggest tree” is the scenerio here at the moment. Slowly bigger trees are in the seen, growing up, ready to impart shade when strong heat

  5. Bicharaji, Truely your statements seem bichara. I support Democrats and say that chilli tree will always look other trees equal to its height. One question- How long did you spent in the gurukul of Nepalese politics related to negativity and castism? This is America and all human beings are equal, man! Don’t be so frustrated.

  6. Barking dog shall don’t bike!

    All Bichars, Democrats with fake identity are just barking. If you guys were speaking voice of majority people why don’t you introduce yourself?

    PUNYA Foundation, just do what you are doing, and have planned to do. We all are ready to help you.
    PUNYA Foundation ko जय होस्!

  7. It is very sad to see Bhutanese in exile projecting themselves as a divided wall. As have been seen before on many occasions, now again in the name of Punya Foundation, the same chunks of so called community leaders started exposing their hidden intents in different form and manner. Going through the report above or listening the radio piece, it is inferred that the chunk (from top brass to the rank and file) involved in organizing the program was much clear before the launching of the salvation program that this scenario would pop up during or after the program at least in media. If one were to rely on the material presented by BNS above, then he/she can say that the organizing group did not pay any heed to the upcoming repercussions and consequences. It looks if they have undermined the presence of other chunk formed may be to accomplish the same objectives. To consolidate all groups and strength from the feeble power to the biggest would have been the wisest decision of the organizer. On the contrary, the flaws the organizers looked at, the community fragmentation they envisioned and they once again provided a good opportunity to deepen the differences between various groups already in existence.
    The greatest mistake the organizing group committed this time was bringing a volatile religion base program. When people talk about religion, no any individual or group would accept that his/her or their religion is minor in front of the other. It is a fact. Therefore, it was so sensitive. The leaders of the foundation have demonstrated their attempt to vacuum a period of about one and a half decade (between 1992 and now) during which a major political and social transformations have taken place in our society and infact this has helped to pave the way for learning as well as articulation of the core values of democracy, more importantly the establishment of pluralistic society which is the only ornament of modern democracy. They would have had the sixth sense to feel and analyze the ground reality.
    But let me a mere innocent guy if leaders of the Punya Foundation are trying to bulldoze upon the general mass. If it is so then I shall have some straight questions to them in the next round. But for now to all the sides I do not think that there is any point to orchestrate the bygone program.
    The role of BNS as a media hub is great. Please keep on providing equal space for all. Always appreciated.


    Prakash ji: A single word of appreciation convey so much in depth meanings. Unified platform or unified acceptance is not a musical chair game on a circuit. Scholarship ??? You got a hammer hit at the back of your head. Don’t you ?? I don’t care if it meant possibly you be furious. Scholarship at a horrible situation in the refugee camp for few didn’t mean MISLEAD in future.

    The percentage 97,I gave out might have hammered your head twice. Try next puran if you do not agree with me and thousand people of the same opinion.
    One piece I am sure of, as a medical doctor; in future you may research or write books.Please don’t forget to add all your contributions for country’s martyrs and the salivation program in your introduction section.

    DEMOCRATS: You reminded my high school time and a teacher who used to enjoy the same saying “When there are no trees, chilly tree is the biggest tree” BUT here your thoughts are different: you feel yourself as a big tree, big boss, good leader in the community, people respect you. No No No buddy; people respect a good work. Not your work at agency hungry of govt. fund at any given time.
    New families are in need of big blanket in the winter time. Their kids may not have good winter clothing, school bags, boots, shoes, stocking,etc. Their food stamps may be delayed. People with medical condition may be waiting for medicaid card and doctor appointment. I wish you help newly arrived people do all these as soon as possible.

  9. First of all,we owe big thanks to Punya Foundation,especially who all made a miracal in the foreign land. I bow down and my kamnay chapsay to Dr. Lakshimi and Dr.Prakash.
    On other side of the world, on behalf of resettled Bhutanese, I like to thank all organizers.
    Mr. Pasupati Timsina’s leadership is a need of the hour in Atlanta. Side support of Birandra Dhakal, Narayan Katel,Guru Chhetri is must. Under his leadership all the Bhutanese in Georgia is likely to come together. It’s has been a pressure for other leaders in the community. Keep moving with your pure heart for all in an inclusive manner, one day soon you will dominate the other groups and push them at the back of the room.

  10. Old phionex, i know you came from one of the Nepali Pardsala. Eviction from Bhutan has been fortune for you. You missed cattles and fortunately had a chance learning English. Think of yourself, you are one of the follower of idea created by others. Have you ever walked people in your idea??? NO.
    Do not ask me questions about gurukul,nepali politics,critism and puran of punya foundation, Indian donations etc.that are your area so you have more knowledge about the subject matter. don’t you???
    All human beings are born free, and we consider equal, but discriminate in action and reality. “Service to human is srevice to the God” but still services are rendered in the places you are pleased to, in the places of your choice, (those choices are made on the bases of self liking)in your relatives house, with in family members.

  11. Can someone enlighten me with the word or term ‘SALVATION”? I’m very much confused with this terminology. I feel of commenting but with completely vague understanding I may be inviting the nuisiance only.
    I tried to google some webpages, refer some literatures, still I got confused and landed nowhere.
    With regards

  12. Hindu and Buddhist.

    Debates about puran in the mandir confused me. We named our Mandir as “Hindu Buddhist spiritual center” And we tried to bring Buddhist in the Mandir but we failed even we extended our utmost efforts. Looks like Buddhist are not comfortable with us and be together with Hindu.It might be a biggest mistake if we still try to claim both the religions as one. After all Hindu and Buddhist knows the dividing lines.
    We may have to think of some other alternatives and re name our place. Our pure puran was attended by few Buddhist,christian and kirati. Let’s end the unnecessary fight between us and do our own stuffs.


  13. Raghu Osti, If you can not explain the problem, you need to get off the road. The things we are discussing is something in common. It’s ours more than only yours. Your points in this debate is like showing a knife in a gun battle. The last word i can say for you is, no brain in the box.Do some ESL classes.


  14. Dr.Prakash,
    I am a regular debate reader on BNS site. You are loosing the points and off the track. I support the opinions of Bichar ji.
    What ever may be the condition as a scholarship recipient for medical study and a Doctor now, you should have given a extra thoughts in a volatile issues of the community. Your contribution for the salvation in the mandir is equal to zero today and probability of raising number varies. Human being make mistake but foolish repeat it.

    New York city.

  15. Bichar, you are simply going mad. try to be constructive in your comments. how much you bark behind ,that has no meaning at are a rabbit on tiger’s use of barking with a pseudonym…..bichara….if you have courage ,then do come to teach me ESL, otherwise don’t bark.its easy to say but difficult to do.

  16. Bichar! What have you done for the community? You have a big ego. You think you know every thing and that every body should respect you. The main problem in Atlanta are CONFERENCE BAG FOLKS like you. IOM BAG FOLKS are supernice, simple innocent and united. So please do not mess-up with IOM bag folks.After all it is IOM bags folks who suffered 17 years in the camps. Also you dont have to worry about newly arrived community people. Resettlement agency are doing their best to integrate them.

  17. bichar ji,i support raghu osti.infact your views seem to be very you think that english is your mother tongue???? after all i know your level of english. you have a very narrow out look to every feel as if you are the perfectionist,don’t you???come with some constructive criticisms.your name is not bichar but kubichar…you yourself prooved it.i think you are experiencing serious mental, such negetivity is being vomited .better go to mental hospital for early treatment .

  18. I strongly support to Bichar G.I think Punya Foundation member must go to mental health not Bichar .In this 21st century they were doing the 100 years back activities in the advanced soil.Do martyrs said to them that please conduct Puran in our name.They lost their valuable life for the justice and democracy not for Puran. The doctors of other nations are busy to find new things to society and world but our doctors are busy to conducting orthodoxy activities. Dear so called doctor please wake up from the cradle and pep the world.
    Lal Salam

  19. Raghu osti,Rose Flower &IOM Bags.
    Thanks commenter.
    And thanks God. It’s been possible for me to draw attention of brilliant people of Bhutanese community who are seriously devoted pulling legs. Bunch of idiots.
    We have been going through different stages:I can explain little bit about one stage that it suitable for IOM bags. HONEYMOON stage,wow wow every thing is fine,nice,pleasurable.(first timer) Other one is EVALUATION stage. Don’t ask me what i have done for the community. It is not yet time for evaluation.
    I like the tag.(conference Bag) I have been successful to establish a Hindu Mandir and do you know why i named HIndu Buddhist spiritual Center.!!!!!For the purpose of fund from the govt. and agencies.
    Do you know what is agency?? It is the life support of IOM bags, without agencies and public charges IOM bags goes empty. NO community so called services and mandir bussiness. Without my powerful hands this mandir task would not have been possible by IOM bags only,subsequently puran would be in other part of the world. In fact, puran has been a breathing machine for IOM bags. Don’t worry, you all will be down after the waves of puran is over. Rats are never tiger even after several hot baths.
    The second thing i did was, wrote a proposal and sent it to ORR. That was a pretty brain storming topic, but i maneuvered around and made it a sensitive suicidal cases in the immigrant community. I have mentioned Hindu Buddhist in all the paper works,but I wonder now what if Bhutanese Buddhist establish a real Buddhist Temple shortly somewhere near by in Clarkston ???????
    Third thing: I haven’t let anyone, treat our people like merchandise.It’s been possible in Nepal.
    ESl classes are free. I am busy in citizenship classes.Please contact me later.


  20. A Bhata ji,
    Your comments or disagreement sounds more educated then earlier. You correctly understood my points. But still you are on the other side of my desk. Questions of identity is something secondary in this scenario. I will choose to do anything if the ongoing trend in Atlanta is not stopped.
    All human beings are equal.My fight is against the discrimination on different ground such as religion, ethnicity and classes.
    Feelings of superiority that prevailed in the past brought in practice these days aggravate the situation and destroys the peaceful environment of the community.
    Let us be habituated realizing the need of others first than turning more opportunist. Do things in the best interest of the community people.Do not device and take advantage of innocents. Use the educations you achieved for the general good than you single out resulting dispute and conflicts in the community.
    Atlanta has been a play ground for some Bhutanese who consider themselves innovative and has earned social prestige. I would say they have cow dong in their brain.

    My last point; I am of zero tolerance when anyone runs bulldozer on the back of innocents. I don’t mind spending if correction is not done as soon as possible.
    I may build a bridge or destroy the one.


  21. Hi, I am a real Bichar. In reality I am the one who declared that I along with my likeminded ally will not at all visit Bhutanese Mandir because we did not get the lead role in organizing the Mandir. Because I and my friends are leaders and other should follow us.

  22. Hi,
    Please disregard the posting i made earlier.I am really sorry for the wrong doing.I realized that i should not have sent false writings. I was playing in my computer my 4 years old boy all of a sudden hit enter button. I promise i would not try to do any such act from now and onward. Please accept my sincere apology.

  23. I am also a Bhutanese resettled in the US more than two years ago and with good thought in my mind I wish Punya foundation a good journey .I am a Hindu by birth, and am a refugee from Bhutan because of being what I am by birth though there are refugees who are Buddhists and Christians. I am not an analyst but felt like why not try to analyse some of the comments commented by some of the commentators above like Bichar,Drukboy and Hadom.
    These commentators are really attacking the Bhutanese community in general and those two doctors in particular.If you commentators are from the same community and working for the good of the community, then, why not work hand in hand with the people that you are attacking.Words like – ” I don’t mind spending” -“destroy the one” indicate the degree of criminality in the thought of the commentator.

    The another point is that, though those two doctors, got the scholarship in the name of Bhutanese, because they are Bhutanese,the fair shares of other Bhutanese were not deducted to add to the shares of those doctors and they too worked in the refugee camps in Nepal for some years with dedication and sincerity.

    Therefore, the question to the above three commentators is: What have you done for the good of the community other than attacking and destroying it and the individuals?

    Mind your thoughts and actions,other wise, they boomerang by themselves and smash your head beyond the scope of repair.

  24. The Puran in the name of our Martyrs prima facie sounds that it is a great idea. However, I am afraid that it has passed some bad messages also to the community.I am wondering if Punya Foundation Inc drew permission from families of our Martyrs for the salvation program. Why was Christams Day particularly included for the program? I am feeling oblized to think that, for any salvation like the one that Punya Foundation just performed,our Martyrs need to be divided according to the religion they followed when alive.
    If the leaders of Punya Foundation are now adorned with the view that they have jump started their work with the salvation program, then worse is in the forecast. Let’s keep our minds open for changes.
    I think Bichar is right at his argument that many people who attended the program did it because it was a Puran, not because it was a program for Martyrs. I am saying this becuse there were many others living in the locality who could attned the program.
    Thank you.

  25. Shiva,
    My boy, it is your wish where you like to incline your good thoughts and attach to or sit down on. Like you picked few commenters from the many above clearly showed, you are one of the partner of an opportunist associated to Bhutanese Hindu Mandir in Atlanta, which has been named as Hindu Buddhist spritual center with vested intrest. Why would you guys do so when the Buddhists are not part of it? why Punya Foundation had to perform martyrs salvation through Buddhist methodology some where in Nepal?? Why don’t you open eyes wide enough??You understood the entier story, but don’t want to agree on.

    I agree the shars are never deducted for scholarships offered to anyone,but it doesn’t mean mislead either. Everyone has worked in the refugee camps on different capacity as per the educational background of an individual not only doctors. I understand why you have deepest sympthy to those two doctors. Dr. Laskmi,created an idea and wanted to announce punya foundation, puran should have been performed in Amsterdamn, Netherlands. Dr.Prakash Subedi shouldered the whole expenditure of puran, he should have spent in U.K. Why they contributed big mass in Atlanta.

    Bhutanese community is not your personal property. My target is very clear and it is for those orthodox mandir activities and discrimination. Two years in the USA is enough time to understand the general good of the community instead of remaining in side the box of mandir and Hindu only.You have highlighted few words: destroy the one,don’t mind spending…Those are the promises and i will keep it up, unless correction is felt and corrected asap.

    Why a Hindu mandir needs to be named as Hindu Buddhist Spritual Center, knowing the fact Buddhists do not want to be part of it.

    Before you ask anyone about his/her activities and contribution, ask that question to yourself and find the answers.To me, like i said already it is not yet time for evaluation. You are at honeymoon statge and in take all the pleasuer you can, curtain in front of your eyes gets cleared slowly.


  26. I am wondering how another duplicate Mogi Chilen has appeared. You see, Punya foundation has launched programs in all three methods – Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. Only for Hindu- Atalanta was selected. For Christianity, Washington was selected and for Buddhism, Belgangi – I. In all places, all the Bhutanese were invited, despite their religions. No program was co-incided to Christmas Day. Both in Washington and Atlanta, program concluded on 26th December, which is not the Chritmas Day. So, my replicaji, please be in the corner of the room and keep praying your Bichar’s kubichars. The one who is habituated to see the bad things and negative things always keep on one’s own narrow prospects. These persons are very dangerous to rely.
    Original Mogi Chilen
    Pls, we will withhold texts in Roman or Nepal – Ed

  27. Attention to Punya Foundation Team.Can you post some evidences in BNS that Buddhist and christain programs done in Nepal and NY,USA respectively supporting Foundation?
    I see only hindu program being posted.Make me clear Punya Foundation is only for hindu believers?Be careful a lot of foundations in pipeline eg.budathoki foundation,basnet foundation,cheku foundation,ramesh foundation.dhakal foundation.i am happy i will also get scholarship then, because i am noN hindu.i suggest first sholarship be reserved for atlanta ok.because puran in atlanta and great hindu FUNDAMENTAL leasers in GA.Ask tekbir what different faith group people seen in his 400 people crowd?thank you BNS about corectly asking the qoustions to mr president.President skipped to tell the reality.his leadership is closely obesrved.doctors are ok for human antomy but not the anatomy of comlpete

  28. Really good idea to established such a group or organisation to recall our great martyr.we must unite and help for those who works for them.But plz try to think in broad sense so it will be fruitful.I dont think this idea or philosophy is good for all Bhutanese.there are more martyr in Bhutan who died for the we people.Though it is good some body know one name and established organisation.if this process goes continues then think how many foundation will be there in the list of Bhutanese martyr.However it is good idea, still there is time to modify this foundation and name which is appreciate by all Bhutanese and may be good for martyrs soul in heaven.

  29. I think, the foundation did justice. It is the variation of understanding that accounted for our untowanted discussion. Either reciting religious episotes or making contributions either in kind or cash for others welfare is DHARMA as per our faith.
    Ofcourse there has been some shifts and the inertia is increasing with the adaptabity related complexity but that doesn’t mean the vedic traditional approach is outclass or outdated. Continual and interrelated schemes will prevent from adulterate which we must understand in time before it is too late.
    Our thinking style changed as per the level of ‘space’ and its ‘hierachy’ which is too natural and nothing to blame. Our bygones rural thinking is being slowly substituited by’urbanism’ mode of perception and ofcourse the horizon is expanding. Let’s take the advantage of its elastic property which can be shaped as per our dimensions. And individual and such institutions role is very crucial for social transformation which me must digest.
    I don’t think our Doctors are approaching towards wrong path. The role is constructive and friendly too. They are trained to fight the germs that harm our health but this community undertaking is their ‘social’ one with a concrete structure. But we as a member of structured institution lack ‘ownership’. Until and unless we have a sense of partnership, the institutions need extra power to cope up with flourishing time. Let us project the things in its 4th demension also, not only to x, y and z coordinates alone.

  30. Dear readers,
    Having gone through all the comments above, I have reached to a point to ask some questions to our DOCTORS, who are directly responsible of martyrs salvation program in three different places. They are in different capacity of Punya Foundation and i like to hear from them.
    1.Did you contact the family members of those who made choice to gave up their lives for a change in Bhutan?
    2.Among the crowed of 400, how many family members of our martyrs were present there?
    3.Why did martyrs salvation under different methodology not done in Atlanta, Geogria USA?
    3.How many people present in Puran, were emotionally touched by such a salvation and rolled tears in their eyes?
    4.What percentage of people who attained puran knew that was a salvation program?
    5.How did you select Atlanta for Hindu methodology?
    6.Can you publish the list of scholarship candidates of Punya Foundation?

    More next time.

  31. Oh!Bichar, you and your bichar are really Bicharaa.Your Bichar indicates that it takes some more decades for you to come out of the cocoon that you are in at present.You are feeling that you know all the odds and evens of the community but talk very negatively.This behavior tells to the people that you are not working to build up the community rather destroying it.And another thing is,your skull is full of negativity,hatred and jealousy for no reason.If you go ahead with this mentality,very soon you will not only ruin your self but your well wishers if any.So Do not rush like this,have patience,you will be able to over come your adaptability problem.

  32. Hey Animal Doctor, Before asking all these pretentious questions, I would like to seek answers of following questions from you:

    1. Where did you get certificate of animal doctor?
    2. What are the animals you disects in your practical? Bull, Rabit, earthworm, chicken,crab….
    3. How many sick animals you treated?
    4. Which is the most dengerous disease of animal?
    5.Which animal is easiest to treat and which is difficult?



  34. I am not Chakka to disguise myself. I openly challenge all these BICHARs, DOCTORS and so named secular. If you can do something good..its ok..I will fully support you. If you cannot then don’t chatter like monkeys. We are fade up with you all so called intellectual. I Kamal Dahal, a resident of Georgia, challenge all of you on face to face talk about social and political affairs in the US. Does anyone of you have an eye to see me????
    Kamal Dahal,
    Atlanta, Georgia
    [email protected]

  35. It takes time for our people to learn the habit of appreciation.

    What you guys have learnt so far is to pull legs. Now all of you guys commenting here are in third countries. You need to change your mind. Wake up guys, WAKE UP. Learn something good in the advanced nations and bring it into practice. Do something good. Get rid of castism, religious descrimination. Do something good for the community, participate in good work. If you don’t want to participate that’s fine, atleast do not disturb who is doing nobel job.

    I hope you all guys will learn something good this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  36. By performing the martyrs salvation ceremony in the force of its narrowed vision Punya Foundation robbed shit on the noses of our social activists, human rights activists, community volunteers, and all leaders. There should have been proper situation analysis of the struggle.

  37. BNS: Thanks for letting us share views over any issues. Be it a constructive one or be it sound rude, unless there is no cost involved, no one is loosing anything in the conversation. Comments posted may have been uncivilized from your stand point of view, it is more about truth and educational purpose.
    It is hard to measure the degree of pain of those who are involved. I wish BNS sensor comments posted from a professional capacity.
    Please help every Bhutanese think, your news agency is an independent and work for the general good of the Bhutanese people and other related issues.

    Jumping Doctor:
    The branch of medicine that deals with the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and injuries of animals, especially domestic animals.
    Human with out rationality is considered as animal.I don’t have certification from any institution, but still my expertises in the area of turning human-animal into human being is reverently suitable title as Animal doctor.

    I am a virtual animal doctor, who treats human-animal.who can justifies that puran was performed in a right place,right time,by right people, for the right people who sacrificed lives for a change in the country.
    Few people of mandir is a bogus song for our martyrs and their salvation.
    So therefore, i treat mandir animal and their deseases. Sometime brain surgery is
    necessary for those mandir animal.
    Thank you

  38. Kamal je,
    What are your hopes and expectation after all the commenter revel their true identity. Are you offended only by those selected fake names such as Bichar,Doctors and secular? What about the rest?
    I know the level of outrage is intolerable,but actions, practices and thoughts of folks in the Hindu Buddhist Spiritual Center have been unacceptable too. Tell the wold if they have done reasonable and acceptable job? How a mandir has been named as Hindu Buddhist Spiritual Center? What you think their game is all about? Why a mandir can not be just a mandir for purity? Why do folks associated to mandir play a deceptive game? Tell me who all were informed about the mandir before they verbally warned some of our dignified personalities of the community?They failed to inform about mandir when news of small community garden and security and safety class by Clarkston police department was circulated now and than.
    You have reasons to be aggressive and ask question because young youth like you have made a great contribution shaping our community, making our community a good place to live,etc.
    Do one thing if possible and if you want to; work for the unification, ask your seniors if they can joint their hands together and work for the betterment of our community.Bring out some of the example of different religious epics; the lost they had to suffered due to division and fight.
    Kamal ji, i would respect your innovative ideas and support our new generation.
    Lastly, please do not force me to take off this mask.Because i do not want to bite the dust.
    with regards

  39. Dear Bichar ji,It is obviously hard for me to use all the 40+ titles in one comment. I didn’t want to write comment as long as an essay for writing exams. I used just those names because the messages they carry, styles they used and statement they stated are more likely near to me. I mean, I am most likely used to with it. I didn’t use other names because, I know they are intellectual and they easily understand that my views and expressions are for them too. If you want to know about Mandir, don’t come to me, because I can never call it a temple. It doesn’t cast any qualities of a temple. A temple should be free any satirical and insulting attire and it has people in that costumes. We know that religion has always been used for politics. We are known with the story of Jesus Christ, who was minorities’ leaders. We know Satpal Ji maharaj, who is the railway minister. We are known with the facts of Mahabharata. These are just to name a few. But in our context, it is not perfectly applicable, because we came here to make our a life complete. We came here to introduce ourselves with independence, hard work and growth..Not for religious war. And the temple has that. So….I don’t even respect the holy world which is created in that small house. Their game is from our ethnicity to publicity. They work but still they are unpopular. You know about that.On the other hand,look Durga Puja celebration in Norman Park. How was the crowd there. People of different states attended the Puran because it was Puran and it was holiday time and they actually had come to meet friends and relatives in Georgia, not to attend the Martyr’s salvation program. I don’t think Georgians knew that it was more martyr’s salvation than Puran. It was not informed because all the people of Georgia, who play a good role in public relations, don’t bring mandir to their mind. For one example you can name Kamal Dahal, Hari Timsina and many more. I also know about the search of Pandit in Puran. I know how they used their tongues to call Pandit. I know about Garden because I with Birendra…is the starter. If I have to be personal, my comment was not for Puran but for the leaders, who have loads of community growth in their shoulder.

    If you count me as Kamal, you will obviously count me as a active volunteer of BCG, don’t you? Do you know me as a member of mandir structure committee?

    I have nothing to say you more. Just the thing is lets grow. Lets not be limited in public fight and comments.

  40. Thanks for many comments and questions. Some of them are answerable, some of them don’t belong to us, some are beyond our capacity and to some of the areas we don’t focus.

    1. Why all 3 programs not in Atlanta? In fact we had intentions to conduct at least Hindu and Buddhist programs in Atlanta. We did invest 2 weeks to work out for possibility, we had several hours of telephone conversation with the perceived major stakeholders, but failed to reach to our intentions. Everybody had support for foundation, but the internal dispute in Georgia is so complex, despite our wishes to conduct combined programs, we had to do them apart. But we are very happy that Buddhist program ended with enormous appreciations and support. We shall take time in our future programs to do more of homework. Thanks for raising this issue.

    2. Did we call martyrs’ family? Wherever possible, we tried to reach information. Our means are emails, googlegroups, BNS, Radio, etc. We tired to reach our programs to all the Bhutanese people. But owing to separation of our society, the way we wanted would have been possible if the foundation would have done this program before TCR started. However, Martyrs Salvation Program is not to harm anyone – it is a good-will geared program to those souls who died innocent and in pathetic situation and for surviving family members. Another reality is, though it is only 20 years, lot is already forgotten. It is our challenge to make things fresh again. We hope that families of martyrs won’t feel humiliated that we took chance in an organised manner to remember our martyrs.

    3. Other issue from Atlanta: Texas was our first choice and Atlanta the second for Martyrs Salvation Program. We could not find a volunteer in Texas to take this difficult responsibility. So, we took Atlanta as an option. Foundation is not involved in any mandir related disputes, discriminitions, politics, etc if any of those things are at all true.

    4. There are many other questions. We would like to get in discussion and also to get your suggestions. But, before we set in discussion we would admire to know your background, contributions you have made to the society, if your questions are genuine and backed by intentions to know more, etc. Hidden names have advantage to only the person who posts comments: others are blinded. It wont be fair to let a cat fight with a cat-masked tiger. So a culture of open discussion would reality on table to discuss. This gives a lot of substance and space to make our points and actin taking and relevant for the public. So, before my explanations fall too personal, I would limit here. I would like to request you to write us at [email protected] with your complete identity for any explanations that you are not satisfied with. Or please leave your comments with your true identity. We would be happy to get back to you.

    5. Martyrs Salvation Program was foundation’s first program. We realise we could have done some of the things better. But, at the same time we are really happy with the support and encouragement we are receiving. We have taken responsibility to do what has been forgotten. We also have responsibility to win your confidence to get your support. We shall try our best. We need your support to make our vision come true.

    Kind regards,
    Seeking Justice through Education and Empowerment
    Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal

  41. Dear “Thuptane”,
    You well know yourself that you have been changing your identity each time you post comment. We have technically proven this by now. We are quite not sure of this intention for your most of the comments are destructive in nature: meaning–misleading! We sincerely request you to refrain from posting offensive comments. BNS always honor your time that has been invested for going through our emerging news portal and engage in public-concern debates. Yet, we will not hesitate to ask you to engage in constructive and healthy debates hereafter. Thank you for being a part of unity-building process within the community.

    Editorial Board, BNS.

  42. BNS Editorial Boar,
    The only two ways of telling the complete truth to this world is by withholding identity which is anonymously and posthumously.
    You called your news agency: for Bhutanese and independent.I have contributed few hundreds rupees in Kathmandu for BNS at your early stage and I have been supporting your news agency. Infact, it has been a source of news for Bhutanese around the world.
    But now it is proven that BNS is intentionally inclined towards Punya foundation and Hindu mandir in Atlanta. Your responce evdiently shows your news agency is unprofessional and bias.
    Answer a question,why news groups like New Yorktimes,Washington post have place for anonymous writers?
    Provide me a satisfactory answers, I promise, I would never re-visit your site again in my life. Contact me at [email protected], if you wish. Wish you a wonderful journey ahead.

    Thank you.
    Thuptan (anonymous)
    A comment agitator in your news

  43. There is no doubt that the organizers deserve sincere thanks for their efforts to make these series of salvation program happen in a way that included all religious groups thereby showing religious “unity in diversity”. However, some comments including of Braj are reflecting the same kind of “leg-pulling” tendency that we practiced for more than two decades in the history of our democratic movement. In fact, emergence of this kinds of negative comments for goods works bear no significance. They just reflect the negative attitude of people and there is immediate need for these people to be psychologically treated. So, Mr.Brag, you might have to look for positive attitude developing books and go through them or go for psychological counseling, there is no way.

  44. Kamal ji,
    Thank you for your response.I am very delighted to know your good thoughts for the community. I wish we have many “Kamal” in our society. Let us work together to overcome the adversity, going towards wholeness and self-sufficiency.
    One should not be afraid of posting comments for anyone working in against the interest of the community and who ever intent to take advantage of ignorance and innocent people.
    A reason I post and posted comments in anonymous form is for correction purpose who ever do not realized committing mistake that harm,pinch,and even kill the sentiments of other people of the society. BY doing this, correction is done without breaking up the usual relationship with anyone and still you shake hands in social gathering and other common places. But comments and language may not be very constructive, decent, and commonly accepted, but result at the end of the day is beyond the expectation.



  45. Dear Thuptane,
    Think that you were not only the one who extend the helping hand for BNS.I think that BNS must publish your thousands of Nepali Rupees in the front page of BNS site.If not satisfied with the deed of BNS Please write Press Statement in New York Times,Washington Post.These media will publish your Press Statement and turn towards BNS.We know you well what kind of background you have.How do you prove that BNS has done bias and tilted towards Punya Foundation.If you have courage and hope you can open site like BNS. What will happen if you do not open this site?.Who are you after all? We trust BNS. Don’t hide like slum dog and bark if you are human being show your real face and come.
    Lal Salam

  46. Braj,

    You saying you are making correction in anonymous form? How immatature statement is it?
    You are ashmed to comment with your true identity why? You would not you keep your head up right, if you think you are giving constructive comments? Everyone will praise you and follow the good job you do, not the destructive one. Believe me you have some issues with the program organizer not with the noble job they are doing. You have sometime to think about it.

  47. You sound like ‘rose in a desert’. Your bichar seemed to be highly lethal to our society specially for those who feels superior beings. I disagree in many ways with your comments, but still agree and will support you until dead for your bichar, because we are free to express our bichar i any form. Indeed it’s time for our people to stop continuing superstitious beliefs, which creat divisions in society. Spritual need is required for all humans to acquired peace and tranquility but not to creat havoc. I urge all the people to give up their fellings of superior beings in the name of religion,which is deep rooted in our society.

  48. karma,Hari,secular,shvia and lalsalam,
    I am sure some of my comments have disturbed your sleep. But it has been food for your thought too. I you think all i have talked is useless, consider that you have been fooled by foolish.
    This is my last one for you all. Good luck and be good to innocent folks. Watch your each act and be nice to all.
    Take care,taking care of others.


  49. Hello,why Punya foundation? What if it had been named as Bhutanese Martyers foundation.
    What happens if some body starts Mashur or Mon Bahadur foundation?Are you sure,Punya is the appropriate name?Is it not injustice to those who might have bigger role some time than any other in their Contribution? Who is the first Martyer of Bhutan? How about Sita Mothey and many innocent women who were killed of rape?Did you discuss about this with our living history like;Jogen Gajamer,Hari Adhikari Bangalay,Deo Datta Sharma,Dasho T.N. Rizal,Jaga Nath Mishra,Bhanu Adhikari,Gopal Ghimeray and many more.

  50. Its good you all better stir unilito in cold water and drink it…that gives u energy to help give u energy to enslave in the rush hours’ jobs.. its unavailing to talk of politics still… If you are in Australia,look after sheep and enjoy;
    If you are in the Netherlands,wash dishes and rejoice;if you are in the US,do housekeeping and enjoy; if you are in denmark,collect trashes and dump the garbages;if you are in Norway,there must be toilets to take out some oblations out,if you are in Canada go for fishing or some kind of nursing (housekeeping in the hospitals).Enjoy your life like that all guys.Just dont try to show ur flattery sweet talks..They keep you heated always! Be calm and enslave in the jobs.. Need to take out some unilito energy now out!Gudluck!

  51. Martyer sacrificed their todays happiness for the shake of our tomorrows.Third countries settlement brave warriers fled away from Bhutan to Nepal and then in search of luxary to third countries and still talk of Martyers and Bhutanese. This is the REAL behaviour of true PATRIOT. My dear friends suck the blood like leeches in the name of country and Martyers.It is inside the motherland and its true and brave citizen decides who all are Martyers. People running away from Bhutan are either coward or non-national. Both these people has no rights to decide BUT for finincial and finincial ,people can do it.Wish you all the opportuniest a luxrious life.