Martyr’s salvation program kicks off


In a view to honor the contributions made by Bhutanese martyrs, the first in a series of three-fold Martyr’s Salvation Programs in accordance with the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian methodologies kicked off today in Atlanta.

Days after the declaration of the establishment of Punya Foundation through Bhutan News Service, it has organized a three-day Salvation program based on Hindu methodologies at the Hindu-Buddhist Spiritual Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Resettled Bhutanese in Atlanta show up to participate in the program.

According to Lakshmi Dhakal, Director of the Foundation, the other two programs based on Christian and Buddhist methodologies are scheduled for December 26 and January 1 in Washington and Nepal respectively.

The coordinator of the program in Georgia, Pashupati Timsina, informed BNS over telephone that there are seven Acharyas (spiritual masters or preceptors) reciting the sacred texts of Shrimad Bhagawat (holy epic of Hinduism) and Kashi Nath Ghimire is scheduled to recite prabachan (religious sermon).

According to Timsina, the organizers also publicized the names of at least 52 martyrs  collected by the Foundation so far. The actual number of martyrs in Bhutan, however, cannot be confirmed independently. Timsina further informed BNS that a minute ‘mourn silence’ was also observed by the program attending resettled Bhutanese for the peace settlement of the demise souls.

Talking to the BNS on Skype conversation from the Netherlands, the Director of the Foundation has further urged  fellow Bhutanese and concerned individuals and families to supply details of martyrs they know of and yet missed to be enlisted in the Foundation’s record.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the program, Tek Bir Chhetri, Chairman of the Foundation, has said that the Salvation is an honor for our martyrs who gave their lives to the general cause.

“We are indebted by the cost of their lives and the vision they had for us. They have died for us and therefore they cannot be in that status of someone but “our own martyrs” who lived with us to cherish our goal. To honor them, we bow down in reverence. We are assembled here to pray through the different rituals we practice and in the days ahead, we shall all pray for them through different actions that Punya Foundation has envisioned,” said Chhetri, whose message was delivered by Damber Timsina. Chhetri is reported to be on his way to the program venue.

Chhetri has further stated that Bhutanese are standing in a very crucial time in the history of societal life. “Our collective strength and hope shall always bring us that day that our martyrs dreamt. Let us work towards the realization of this dream and the hope to usher in Justice forever,” said Chhetri.


  1. who would have ever thought that we could organised such a big event after resettlement. Bhutanse Atlantians have shown a great honor for those who lost lives in the pecaeful process seeking little change in the country.

    No body, ever thought for a salavation of martyer for the whole 20 years, their children and widows. Finally punya foundation (lakmi Dhakal and Tek Bir )spread out a rays of lights with hopes over the Bhutanese community elsewhere.

    Resettlement may be our success,many might have in the mind, but lives of total Bhutanese have changed and certainly future road ways is well paved for all of us.
    The specail puran program in Atlanta is a great success of hindu religion.WE are so proud of organizer and new leadership in the community. Do you know how this events have been possible ? Mr. Pasupati Timsian has been a simple volunteer for sometime and now it is proven his leadership and determination can make things happend. we are alos proud to see a trust worthy leader (Pasupati) in Bhutanese society.He is a potential leader of whole Bhutanese in America one day.


  2. Dear Laxmi Dhakal g who were 52 martyrs of bhutan .Why can’t you give the name of
    martyrs to the media.These martyrs were your bank account no it is hard to disclose, or you have organised for your sake only. Any way thank you for interest that you have shown towards community.Mero pani lal salam shahid ra shahid pariwar lai.

  3. it is good 2 give d name of all 52 martyrs,let every one knows it.but d comments given by drukboy,bank account is not good enough for every body/every where, not suitable.drukboy ,why can,t u ask this question 2 mr.t.n.rizal & ratan gajemer,.they r d boss of such ,in bhutanese communities.there r good personals to drive this foundation

  4. Dear Tashi Tshering you know well that Mr.Tek Nath Rizal and Ratan Gajmer were good perseonality in the eye of bhutanese people that is why you and your parent became the diciple of their step.But later on they themself digout the groundreality .The one who open Punya Foundation were not less than example that you have given.This innocent Martyrs have been becoming sack of dollar in the abroad country.. Please donot sold the death body of innocent son’s and daughter of bhutan.Do you have single example that your foundation donated single dollar to the deprived families of Martyrs?
    Lal Salam

  5. Dr.Laxmi Dhakal.It was really an enlightened step at times when you first came up with idea of foundation.But I understood you went little off the track now,may be because of over excitement.The lunching of the foundation despite a lot of unanswered concerns those were raised by friends across the globe is one among many painful aspects that foundation may not be able to reconcile let those concerns for public discussion for a while in the common email group but you cleverly came out with the lunching dates and programs.How would it be possible to bring those folks in the confidence of our Foundation team without whose contribution the foundation remains purposeless and virtually collapse for reason the base is weak.It is not bolt from the blue for many of us that organisations come up with beautiful dreamland and die away leaving no history behind.
    And,Mr.Tek Bir chhetri,the president of the foundation, was one among many true leaders at least I have confidence on his sworn in the lead role.Still he needs to foresee many trails, the trails such as political,socio-Structure and of course healthy communication so that he keeps continuity of his leadership.
    Mr.drunk boy-may be because of your age,I read you a boy of negative notion ocoming out nly.I know you are speaking your experience but you with what it should be like also expected to put your points above.
    Thank you