Manual on Nepali language curriculum released

Cover page of Nepali Curriculum. Photo- LCOB

After two years of consistent effort to design the curriculum for teaching Nepali language in the Diaspora of Nepali speaking people, the committee finally made the curriculum booklet public amidst a zoom conference today.

The coordinator of the committee Mr. Khim Khatiwoda said in his presentation at the conference, “It is just a beginning of what we ought to accomplish in years to come for making Nepali a established second language in mainstream educational institutions.”

“It is designed in such a way that volunteer teachers can deliver the lessons more effectively in short period with student centered approach based on activities for learning. We have at the most 45 periods in a year. So, we cannot expect much to cover in the same way as in Nepal’s schools.”

Another committee member Khagendra Bhandari Jantarey said, “We have a learning target of 500 common words in a year for the beginner level.” He added, “This is more a teacher’s manual than actual curriculum. It laid foundation for designing manuals for successive higher levels.”

The curriculum manual contains the basic listening and speaking activities. It will help the teachers to develop materials and implement the listening and speaking activities outlined in the manual.  In order to engage the students for maximum learning output in a limited time, the hands-on practice of these activities and any relevant ones are essential.

The manual also includes sample questions for three term tests and a final test.

Guest speakers from Nepal, India, Norway and Canada spoke about how significant the manual would be to improve Nepali teaching and learning in the Diaspora.

Professor Dr. Hari Adhikari of Sampurnananda Sanskrit University said, “I have only words of accolades for you. Nothing more.”

Denzome Sampang, president Global Bhutanese Literary Organization, remarked this task as the process towards unison of definitive steps for preserving Nepali language in the Diaspora.

Khem Rizal, the secretary of Sahitya Parishad Bhutan hosted the conference on organization’s behalf.