Manoj Dhakal’s music video ‘Hetteri’ released


Rising singer Manoj Dhakal’s music video “Hetteri” has been officially released from Kantipur Television, Monday. Directed by Prassanna Poudel, emerging artists duo Keki Adhikari and Vivek Singn Thakuri have acted in this music video.

The music video is one of the eight songs from his upcoming album “Distance”, expected to be out next month amid a cultural event in Pittsburgh, PA, said singer Dhakal.

Three Dhakal brothers
Three Dhakal brothers

Three Dhakal brothers, Manoj, Krishna and Navin, have teamed up to bring the album ‘Distance’, which according to Manoj, carries the theme of the content in the album.

“The ups and downs, success and failure, bliss and blues that people experience in life are natural,” said Dhakal: “The distance between our feelings and reality, our mode of life and destination is what the ‘Distance’ brings in tunes.’.

According to him, the three brothers have tried their best to project the human sentiments into the minds of Bhutanese and Nepalese listeners through the notes and rhythms of the music differently.

The “Distance” will have four songs recorded in Atlanta, Georgia and rest from Kathmandu.

Lyricists like Pushpan Pradhan, DP Khanal and Navin Dhakal have penned the songs, while Hari Lamsal, Pushpan Pradhan and Narayan Lama have their compositaion. Meanwhile, Rajan Lnsan, Kumar Thapa, Mohit Munal and Chandu Gorkhali have done arrangement of the music.