Man went missing just after resettlement


In less than a week of his resettlement in USA, a Bhutanese man has gone missing from his Greensboro-based new home in North Carolina.

Pashupati Acharya from Greensboro informed BNS over telephone that Dal Bahadur Sinchuri, 58, went missing from home since Friday afternoon. Acharya quoted employees at a glossary store run by a Nepali national, nearby his new home, as informing that Sinchuri, who was last seen there to buy cigarette, hasn’t yet returned home.

Formerly hailed from Morang-based Sanichare camp in Nepal, Sinchuri was resettled in Greensboro along with his other three members’ family that includes his wife, son and daughter-in-law.

According to Acharya, police have expedited the search to find the whereabouts of missing Sinchuri. His relatives informed that Sinchuri, who do not speak or write English, also has a hearing problem.