Maha Purana in Tennessee


A weeklong Shree Mahad Bhagawat Maha Purana has been underway in Tennessee since March 22.

Organised by Bhim Bahadur Bista at Rivendell Woods, Tennessee, (formerly from Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Nepal) the holy congregation is witnessing a sizeable chunk of devotees pouring in from Nashville and beyond.

“This is not just a family affair”, Bista informed. “Through this event we‘d like to offer prayers for global peace, harmony and prosperity and above all, a solemn tribute to all the departed souls.”

He also said that the occasion is all set to serve as a semblance and reminder of an unfaltering continuity of Hindu culture and tradition in the midst of sea of different creeds, color and denomination in a far off land.

Hindu devotees listen at Purana preaching in Tennesse
Hindu devotees listen at Purana preaching in Tennesse

Pandit Khadananda Kafley from Colombus, Ohio, assisted by four other priests took to the mandap on March 22. The program is scheduled to conclude on March 28.

During his entire oration Pundit Kafley swayed the devotees with his mesmerizing skills and at times with some occasional shots of questionnaires to the crowd scooping from the verses of the holy book. Bhajans, with some musical jigs, followed during the breaks of the divine rigmarole.

During the sidelines of the event Kafley also exchanged some pleasantries with the youths and the old alike.

Time and again, he stressed an urgent need to invoke a “clarion call’ for all Hindus to practice and walk lives with the spiritual guidelines and advisory notes of the holy tome—Shree Mahad Bhagawat Maha Purana.

He also cautioned that the Hinduism, being comparatively liberal, might lose its fervor in the long run if the coming generation fail to emulate the essence of great and enlightening quotes of the book.

Shree Mahad Bhagawat Maha Purana literally means divine eternal tales of the supreme Lord. It includes many stories well known in Hinduism, including the various avatars of Vishnu and the life and pastimes of his (Lord Krishna’s) complete incarnation.