‘MaHa Jodi’ honored in Adelaide


Recognizing their donations of foods and cloths for exiled Bhutanese in early 1990s, the Bhutanese Australian Association of South Australia (BAASA) honored ‘MaHa Jodi’, Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bamsha Acharya, amidst a ceremony in Adelaide, Australia, Tuesday.

Suren Ghale handing over letters of appreciations to Maha Jodi (Picture: Bikram/BNS)
Suren Ghale handing over letters of appreciations to Maha Jodi
(Picture: Bikram/BNS)

BAASA outgoing chairperson, Suren Ghaley, presented the letter of appreciation which praised and thanked them for their humanitarian support for the Bhutanese community.

Speaking at the ceremony Acharya said,”I am very touched by the honor we have received today. When Nepali-speaking Bhutanese were evicted from Bhutan, India ignored them, Nepal government ignored them and their issue. When we heard that they were living in inhuman condition on banks of the River Mai, we decided to do something,” adding,”We organised an event, raised fund and we personally went to Maidhar to donate the supplies.”

Acharya also mentioned that his support to Bhutanese was almost out of his memory, but the felicitation reminded him of its importance. “You (Bhutanese) are great people.”

While, Shrestha expressed his surprise over recognition of one of their humanitarian works wholeheartedly.

“We do lots of humanitarian works. But, to remember our contribution from such a long time and honor us today carries a message that our works went deep into veins of the Bhutanese refugees,” said Shrestha. He also termed the appreciation as a unique of its kind among all honors received by the MaHa Jodi for their social contribution.