MA Governor visits tornado victims


Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Friday visited the victims of tornado that made 13 Bhutanese homeless in the city of West Springfield, MA on June 1.

Governor answers victim's questions. Photo/Bhuwan Gautam.

Governor spent about an hour listening to the stories from the victims. Patrick said that he is aware of the pain and sufferings of the victims.

Benu Chhetri, one of the Bhutanese victims of tornado, submitted a memorandum highlighting their situations to the governor on behalf of Bhutanese Community of Western Massachusetts.

Answering to the questions of the victims, governor mentioned that he has already set up recovery centers at three locations to assist with their housing, food stamps, social security and employment, among other assistance.

Meanwhile, the executive director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is scheduled to visit the victims at the shelters in Springfield, MA later this afternoon.

Reported by Bhuwan Gautam for BNS from Springfield, MA.