Luitel calls on Aussie PM Gillard


Bhutanese-Australian, Parsuram Sharma-Luitel, who is based in Melbourne, called on Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, Sunday.

Parsuram with Aussie PM
Luitel presents multicultural DVD and photo album to Australian Prime Minister Gillard
Parsuram Sharma - Luitel presents Bhutan's flag with Aussie Prime Minister (Picture courtesy:  Nepalnepal)
Parsuram Sharma – Luitel presents Bhutan’s flag and bangchung to Aussie PM (Courtesy: Namastenepal)

“It was my great privilege to meet our honourable Prime Minister, and thank her government to resettle Bhutanese refugees in Australia,” Luitel told Bhutan News Service.

On behalf of the Bhutanese community, he also presented the national flag, a traditional khada, bangchung (a traditional Bhutanese handicraft), a photo album and a DVD of the recent multicultural festival hosted by Luitel and his colleagues to the Aussie PM.

During a breakfast sitting with the Prime Minister, Luitel was able to directly thank Gillard and the Australian Government for resettling the exiled Bhutanese, and reported on the progress made by the resettled Bhutanese in short span of time of five years.

In response, the Prime Minister is learnt to have thanked the Bhutanese community for the presents.

Gillard also mentioned that her government has made some nation-building long-term policies announcements, which would help all Australians including migrants to be inclusive in the Australian society.

The morning breakfast was organised by Mohammad Masood, and co-hosted and coordinated by Farrukh Hussain, President of South Asian Community Link Group (SACLG) -Australasia Inc, and invited selected community leaders from wide range of communities.

The organizers invited Luitel to represent Bhutanese community and a recent inductee as the Executive Committee Member of SACLG-Australasia, In-charge of Community and Grants Affairs.

Around 80 people attended the special morning sitting with the Prime Minister, informed Luitel.

Other guests included State Member of Parliaments and former ministers, elected councillors from the municipality of Wyndham, Hume, and Whittlesea, multi-faith leaders, People of Australia Ambassadors.


  1. Dear Parsu Bhai,

    You are one of the big names not only among the Bhutanese diaspora community but also in Australia. As a government employee, you have gained a height which to many people, in many countries seems very remote. Your connections are tall and influential. Please use these connections for meaningful purposes. Not just you, I hope every prominent person in Australia of Bhutanese origin were equally successful. One man is a person to reckon but not a force. But a combination makes the force. A wonderful collective leadership is what the Bhutanese people are looking for in Australia.


  2. Dear RP Dai,
    Yes, what you have advised is the way forward to reach the Bhutanese voice and forward together. Getting Bhutanese name in front is sometimes not possible through Bhutanese channel and had to get there through other links and communities that are not related to us but related to work and volunteer duties. When it comes to Australia, there is big difference in the state you live. Not all states are same in supporting Multiculturalism, fortunate that Victoria where I live is leading the way which is the only state in Australia to have Multicultural Act. Many times, we are fortunate in this state. There is a behind the scene work going on, I think for a collective voice to be reached to the peak bodies among the Bhutanese veterans. I am not sure in other countries but in Australia, it is very key to have someone is known in each channels to link the rest. Perhaps, many communities have failed and failing as they have the excellent collective force but lack the source to link. Sometimes, it is a choice between these two options to link and recognize. I am hoping another couple of years, we would be in what you are advising. Your advise as above are always welcome and needed. Please keep on doing so.
    With regards,