Louisville Bhutanese observe Dipawali

Women participants perform Deusi-Bhaili.

The last day of Deepawali ended 15th November, Thursday but the celebration continues. Bhutanese community in Louisville organized and participated in a special Deepawali event at Iroquois library today.

The program was featured by Deusi and Bhailo songs by bands of women and men who rehearsed in their apartments with zeal during the three day Tihar.

Little dancers Divya, Neelam and Laxmi presented their juvenile dance skills on the nostalgic music of Bhailo. A renowned singer of Bhutanese community, Govinda Phuyal gave the audience a spellbound melody of his singing career, with harmonium notes in his fingertips.

Tika Lamsal and Preeti Sagar Khatri from the Nepalese community joined the program; Tika introduced the Deusi team with a satirical parody.

Deusi-Bhaili performance by men.

Other important guests in the program were Suhas Kulkarni, Director of Office of globalization at Mayor’s office, Helen Lang and Evelyn Hwang of Crane House, the Asia Institute. Suhas remarked in his short comment, “We were all celebrating Deepawali for the week but program like this by the Bhutanese community is not known to other Indian communities who too celebrate Deepawali. So we must all come together to common objectives of making our lives self-sustaining.”

The program was co-hosted by Sophie Maier and Buddha M Dhakal, the two library staffs, serving the immigrant community of Louisville.