Live : The Mission Pittsburgh

11:55am: Lisa’s presentation continues. She is answering the questions both from the participants and BNS chief editor.

11:39am: Lisa Napoli, author of the Radio Shangri-La, is talking via Skype from Los Angeles on the state of media in Bhutan and sharing her first hand experiences working with Kuzoo FM.

Lisa doing her presentation.
Lisa doing her presentation.

“When I first got there (Bhutan), there were very few person working in the journalism sector.”

You’re really doing well at the BNS, says Lisa.

11:35am: Introduction session started–had to stop it, as one of our facilitators, Lisa Napoli, was running out of time, and she is doing a presentation.

11:00am: Formal program kicks off. Buddha Mani Dhakal, chief editor of BNS, welcoming participants and guests. He is also presenting the objectives of the event.

10:55am: Guests and participants taking breakfast. Two of our contributing editors, RP Subba & Bhagirath Khatiwada are here in the program, as well. Formal program will kick off shortly.

10:33 am: The guests and participants are being registered.

8:15am: All most all US-based BNS team members have arrived Pittsburgh. All preparations have been done. LIVE BLOGGING will continue at 10:30am