LIVE BLOGGING: OBCA convention in Georgia


Live reporting by TP Mishra and Abi Subedi from Atlanta while the second day’s after-lunch session online update was done by Ramesh Gautam from Norway

11:00 PM: Election concludes through consensus basis. Yam Kharel is elected as Chairman of  OBCA national committee. Kumar Gurung is elected as Vice-Chairman whereas DJ Khaling takes in the position of secretary followed by Tika Acharya as Treasurer.

11:08 PM: Meanwhile, members of Board of Directors include Tara Dhungana, Pabitra Rizal, Bhakti Sharma, DB Rai, Deo Datta Sharma and Sarman Samal.

From right: Yam Kharel, DJ Khaling, Kumar Gurung and Tika Acharya discussing about formation of board of directors once they were elected. Photo/TP Mishra
From right: Yam Kharel, DJ Khaling, Kumar Gurung and Tika Acharya discussing about formation of board of directors once they were elected. Photo/TP Mishra

11:20 PM: The convention also elects Vise-Chairs on region basis that includes Rudra Kuikel (South-East), Hari Dhakal (North- East), Monarath Khanal (Pacific), Hari Uprety (Mountain Zone), Deo Thapa, Charan Timsina (North- Central).

11:24 PM: The convention adopted interim by-laws which is said to be in effect for a year. The elected body is an ad-hoc committee for interim period of one year.

11:28 PM: Around 55 participants from various different states were seen in the convention hall during the time of election through consensus basis. Participants busied themselves extending whishes to the elected body. Demand of youth leadership was clearly reflected during the discussion session.

11:48 PM: BNS representative reaches out to Rudra Kuikel for short comment. He says he is hopeful that the OBCA will be the national organization for all the Bhutanese in USA and that it will serve the community in a true spirit.

11:52 PM: Bhutanese Artist of Georgia performs a cultural presentation to entertain the papticipants of the convention. Emerging artists rocked the floor with various traditional songs and music.

Second day program

9:48 AM: Program just begins.

9:59 AM: Raja Ghaley, president of Nepalese Association of South East American takes in  chair of chief guest.

10:06AM: Organising committe informs they are waiting for arrival of local journalists to begin the formal program.

10:12: Floor seen busy wispering to one another about who would lead OBCA

Young artist from Bhutanese Artists of Georgia rocking the floor after the convention. Photo/TP
Ganga Neopane, young artist from Bhutanese Artists of Georgia, rocks the floor after the convention. Photo/TP Mishra

10:18AM: A team of artists performing OBCA song. Song says our communIty is composed of various castes, culture, religion, tradition. It says we  all are struggling and we need to step into progress.

10:40 AM: Amber Bhattarai, a participant from Alaska, speaks to BNS representative: says their team is closely observing the convention but they are not mandated to come into OBCA.

11:27AM: Following Deo Dutta Sharma’s briefing of the objective of the today’s session , guests including some representatives extending their wishes for successful convention.

11:32AM: Hari Bangaley addressing the function; recalls his past experiances being physically torture back in Bhutan

11:47AM: Chief Guest Raja Ghaley reacts to BNS query; “I am excited to be here but as all of our originality,culture and ethnicity is same, it might appear good if we all be united.

12:30PM: Almost nearing to lunch.We regret to inform valued readers that as there is no internet connection in venue hall, as we continue to update from mobile. We won’t be able to continue live blogging after lunch.

First day programs
8:35 PM : The Convention began at 7 pm. As BNS representatives entered the convention venue bit late, the live blogging actually begins from 8:35 pm. The opening of the floor followed the by-law presentation, discussion on it from the floor

8:50 PM : Reportedly learnt that representatives from 17 different States from within the USA showed their participation. Some of them including representatives from Alaska, however, say they attend the program as observer

Bhakti Sharma, Chief Coordinator for first national organising committee, addressing the participants on the day one convention. Photo/TP Mishra
Bhakti Sharma, Chief Coordinator for first national organising committee, addressing the participants on the day one convention. Photo/TP Mishra

9:00 PM: A beautiful small hall with decoration in dias sees around 100 people as participants of the program. Discussion on By-laws presentation continues. BNS updates news from mobile as there is no internet connection in the convention hall. The first Organizing Committe members including Bhakti Sharma, Yam Kharel, DJ Khaling, Manorath Khanal, Manoj Rai, Kumar Gurung seen sitting in dias.

9:13 PM: Bhakti Sharma explaining the articals of By-law. Floor seen active in shooting cross questions.

9:21 PM: One of the seriously discussed point, it is not yet decided if the Ad hoc Board of Directors and Executives shall be constituted through general consensus or it shall be elected through votings.

9:28 PM: Discussion almost comes to the end. It is expected to end by 10 pm. Sharma still reading the by-laws while the floor keeps shooting the questions

9:33 PM: D J Khaling presenting the by-laws as Sharma takes his support

9:46 PM: Khaling continues presenting by-laws. Some participants seen leaving the convention hall. Participants stepping in and out seen quite frequently

10:00 PM: Still by- laws presentation continues. Khaling reminds he is running out of time

10:35 PM: Program ends. By- laws yet to be adopted. Convention to continue from 6:30 AM tomorrow. Sharma declares the end of today’s session by extending words of gratitude to participants .

Listen to Tika Acharya who participated today’s session below recorded on the first day (click here to download)

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  1. BNS Team,

    Better you could have remained away from such event. These people can do nothing. I laugh they are just not even hundred ! I salute all works BNS has been doing. These people are useless and they will kill BNS image later. Remain aloof from them. Becareful.

  2. Kina yati hatar.Is there any real need of the Umbrella organization at this point of time???? First we should have established and strengthened the State based organization(s) which should automatically culminate into the National organization of the desired nature. Any way good luck guys.
    DB Adhikari

  3. I salute the question posed by Mr. RN Pokhrel; we have the right to information about how many states are participating the convention. As per the participatory scenario is revealed only seventeen states out of fifty have shown their participation including Alaska and some others as the observer only. Our concern is how many of these representing states have their community organized and formed as per the respective state law.

    If they declare organization with the support of just 16 states, it clearly forecasts that they are exercising their lust to politically fool the innocent Bhutanese resettlers and hoodwink the international communities, as they in majority are habituated with this sort of hatred since the inception of Bhutanese politicism in the exile.

    The other major concerns are:

    1. Why are they seemed nasty to form the OBCA as the national institution when it is not felt necessary by the majority of the sates in USA? This is the time we need to work in the individual state level. We don’t need OBCA right now that is why only a few mobilized states participated the so called convention. We need to keep in mind that the water doesn’t boil at 50 degree Celsius, as one time well said by Mr. DJ Khaling in the Refugee Camp is Sanischare.

    2. It could be a big blunder, if they wishfully decide to form an organization forcefully and decentralize to other states. Please use your capacity to form an organization. You don’t have the right in USA to represent California unless you have voting members representing or written authorization from the state stakeholders. If only sixteen states participated, how can you declare Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America??? Is it logical to underestimate other 66 % of majority of communities in the United States and debate in the bylaws as you folks are doing in Georgia now? ?

    3. Time and again, it was argued that it is just the time to launch the fielding about the intention that Mr. Bhakti Bhandari is whelming. It can be clearly shown by the participation that we need to set back to state level and start the home work on how we can better represent our respective states.

    4. Time and again, it was clearly argued that the concept is really really good and worth anticipating but the timing to go OBCA is inappropriate, and wrong at this situation. So, Georgia centered OBCA headed by Mr. Bhandari, please feel the need of the situation when just participated by less than 40 % majority and go back to work like how ABA is working.

    5. Mr. Basnet from ABA seems more practical because he shouldn’t organizationally flicker when someone self claiming as the leader of the world intentionally intends to dialogue for unification. How dear he would unify ABA which has been effective some years now with an organization which is yet to be declared??

    6. It is revealed that only a few individuals of even Georgia have the support to this whiming of Mr. Bhandari and the party. It would be better if BNS as Shiva Chettri suggested works in this areas rather than live blogging the plight of minority. Small news about this function should be enough in quenching the right to information of the Mass Bhutanese in the world. But the effort that BNS garner in bringing any issues of public concerns in the open air is wholeheartedly anticipating.

    7. This is the time we need to have our dream to have been dreamt with clarity and uniformity. If Georgia on 20th June has an organization declared with the participatory consent of less than 40 % majority, it will be clear that it is an antagonistic zeal of egoism and self supremacy. What can be suggested at this time is: let us keep this effort to be the home work and continue in the individual state level. We can form an Ad hoc committee, which will work in forming the bylaws and necessary roadmap grounding for the formation of OBCA by 2013 minimum.

    8. The formative guidelines may be: All the states will have their own state level Bhutanese Community registered in the State by 2012 with the defined number of members. Then only we can think of going nationally. The national campaign should have a bigger plight like organizing Bhutanese to put a common effort so as to rebuild Bhutan politically, economically and developmentally. Another may be establishing unified identity of all the Bhutanese for the national concerns to be canalized in to mainstream Bhutanization as multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual and diverse kingdom. The third may be reconciliation of the Bhutanese in USA in to the main stream happiness of Bhutanese citizens inside Bhutan. Then we need to focus on the issues we are bringing at this time. As far as the individual states policies and laws are concerned, we can address the concerns we have highlighted on the background of the formation of so called OBCA, just in the state level.

    9. It is never bad to form an organization but we enjoy forming just the logo rather than executing the principles we set in the dawn of inception. Let us continue our cat-casketing philosophy we have carried in the culture from refugee camps in to USA.

    10. If we have the habit of getting ourselves contented, then we need to promote what we have already in the existence. The better would be Mr. Bhakti Bhandari joins ABA and starts bringing changes and modification from therein rather than forming an organization dividing Bhutanese folks. I would like to appeal the the Bhutanese folks that “Let us be the trusted and represented member of an organization rather than becoming the president of self.”

  4. ????????????? etc send wishes for the success of convention and where rest of community solidarity and accomplishment are. Is this not symbolic that need better understanding.
    And Purnagharejee, I personally feel that the people who are participating from rest of the states go to Atlanta either by the virtue of their relatives or tour the new place. It is understandable that nobody campaign for the event and it is illogical to statistify the quantum. For example if X goes from Siouxfall SD, then he did not consult anyone from the existing community and it is his personal support but not the nomination from the mass. So let us not say just by that phenomenon, we give 40% participation.
    Can someone highlight the portfolio of ????????????? as these people are going to represent us and I have the right to know these figures? I don’t think this will invite negative consequences.

  5. Can we make gesture who could be the new camp secy of Bhutanese community in America then? who else will be sector heads and sub-sector heads? lets have a bet!! i guess DJ as a successor to his brother.

  6. Congratulations!! to those who contributed from their personal level to make this event successful- so called the First Convention of OBCA.

    Mr. Puranaghare- I agree with most of your views. Liked the way you expressed.
    Leaders, learn to use what we have in our hand rather than getting a new one every time. It has been just two years that the first Resettled Family landed US- and there is already two different organizations kinda creating confusion in our mind- Damn umbrella organization. Are you serious?? Who the hell doesn’t know ABA is already here no matter how much it has been contributing and serving people? Why don’t you folks try to involve actively in ABA’s activities and reform ABA’s mission & objectives into broader sense. We disintegrated and exiled for 18 years due to all of your leadership establishing inappropriate organizations, clubs, human rights forums, and blab la and NOW you guys starting demoting our image in the eyes of US international community. Guys! Think of your own future and start working on establishing your career (you are still not old) rather than involving establishing new organizations every overnight. This sort of activities may bring hopes to some of Bhutanese (??? Hope) but makes no sense to me. The beginning of this organizations is always HELPING, SUPPORTING, PROMOTING but later this kinda organization sucks.If you have spend the life back in camps – You must understand waht I mean. BE AWARE OF EVEN RECEIVING BENEFITS from ORGANIZATIONS. I personally contributed a lot to my community – Does that mean I need to have an organization. Ha ha. Lol.

    I do understand OBCA kinda organization ll be needed. But, absolutely not now. Hell no. We don’t even have a strong foundation- and You guys are establishing a platform organization for unformed organizations. LOL> You guys have to learn to cut the coat according to your cloth. Or if you’ll are looking for better life, money, career or future from this: rather start working on your own. DO NOT TRY TO SELL BHUTANESE banner. Now you are in different land guys. I m just wondering how only “Bhutanese’ learnt this skills of forming communities, organizations, clubs and so on as many as they want where no other countries/ people do.

    Well, the OBCA’s song was great. Good Job composers, musicians & singers. Also Mr. Yam Kharel’s emerging leadership seems impressive at his age. But Mr. Yam! AWAKE now before it’s too late. Your brilliance can be used in 1000s different ways in spite of this- Do OBCA makes any sense to you like youths practically? This is something that You/I/We have to think at this era.

    God Bless ‘bhutani samaj’.

  7. Who is this Puranaghare? Cansas was very active to make OBCA in the begining to suggest making bylaws. PURANAGHARE,Just make your mind new and change your UPA NAM as NAYA GHARE,or if not don’t waste your time . Once Ram Gurung of Georgia wrote about a music group in google this puranaghare was writing “we are at 33′ height to form OBCA…and not to disturb the level emerging another group”. What non-sense. Now you could not join from Kansas just because you were not given chance by Kansas people.
    Now trying to defame the young elected personals though it is a joke for many people like you.
    BNS, please filter these ?????, if BNS is a real media to inform right things to people and if BNS wants a prestigious and a right thing to come to the people.


  8. dear all!
    congrats to all for being selected .i hope the uphill task ahead of u all will be traversed with rhe spirit u all have.The adhoc committee that has been selected was as expected as most of them were in the organizing committee.this very shows how power crazy are everybody! this spirit is the curse to bhutanese people. yam kharel , kumar gurung!!!.rudra kuikel( i still remember that durin one of the conversations with rudra ji u had termed all from ABA as non IOM Jholay) u all have beeb blaming that the people working with ABA came to usa thru other means and they hardly have felt the essence of a camp life but i want to ask u here how did samal ji came to USA? what about pabitra rizal? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? how could you incorporate such people in the committee.????????????????????/

  9. Yes, I fully agree with Dev Raj.Dev Raj is watching the moves of PuraneGhare very closely.
    See Puranaghare what he did??
    He criticized the bhutanese literature .com .He stopped this when he got elected in the Board of the bhutanese literature.He is sometimes like socalists when he gets a place in the leading the group but comes ???????????????? when he does not get post.
    He was a active supporter of OBCA when he was heading the Kansas State committee.Now recently Kansas elected a new members for its Bhutanese Committee and puraneghare was ditched by the people of there.Once he was diched out from the committee he has no roles to play and started his anti campaign for the new organisation heading for its first convenction.
    Dev Raj ji this is his PURANO BANI.Don’t worry about him as saying goes..
    “KAg KAraudau garcha Pina sukdai jancha”.
    He wants to be something from nothing.Beware.

  10. Congratulation to all the elected members of OBCA. It is the signal send to the Bhutanese leaders that the youth are still interested in the Bhutanese movement and community development.
    I was surprise to see some of the elected youths who are advocating for the unification of the OBCA and ABA. It shows that they are talking one thing to the people and are doing other. I don’t want to mention the name. Hope they are there for making a single National organisation in America. Now it is the time other youths to see the role of these elected how they will work for the unification of these two org.If they will also move like our seniors their fate will be same. I am sure they will not get the support as they might have expected from the youth. Still these guys have no direct contact youths in most of the states of US. They need see the example of American primary election how they are working since they are in US. They were talking openly for unification. Now joined as executive member of the org.

  11. Good news to hear in the OBCA convention is – passing over the responsibility to the young generation for whatever may be the reason. But participation from the sixteen states and observers from the very organizing state reaching just hundred in number is a mockery. Many other states would participate, had it showed the gesture of uniting all. But the hunger of posts and powers led it finally to a total mess. I define OBCA just a divider as we appealed for unity but did not listen to. If OBCA further tries to bother the other states’ affair; it will be a dividing initiative because the real unity and getting organized is under way. Hope OBCA’s newly elected persons would ponder and let it thrive or else you young leaders will repeat the failed-leadership in Bhutanese history. If you-young leaders are to be called as good people, just close your files and keep mum; your bylaws are good theory which could be brought into practice after some years to come.
    Ashok Gurung

  12. who to believe? Puranaghare or whatever Saila says.

    IF Saila’s sayings above are TRUE then Puranaghare is very selfcentric, selfish NOT at all a man of social welfare. Can any one give me unbiased /impartial opinion?

    Of all the names above, i know Mr. ?????????????

  13. Ashok Gurung is one more power crazy Bhutanese lately seen. Hey OBCA, why didn’t you occupy Ashok Gurung? He was as well a dynamic youth in Kathmandu. He says the real unity and getting organized is under way. What does he connote? What is your organisation’s given name? I wanna link with you. Please….but I desire a place in your organisation. Did Puranaghare join you? Include him too. We have same intention. Otherwise sorry.

    Deepak Adhakari

  14. BHAKTI has to give up PAN to better address the mass.NO JOKE plz coz everyone is
    quite serious.Learn to say tapai and timi as stated earlier.leave mapai like back home if you really want to go ahead with the public else you will miss the golden goal.

  15. Hey hey Guys…..!

    what a shame? We have to make note that this postings and discussions are in world wide web which means there are other international medias and figures following the happenings.

    I am saying this because we are hearing the comments from the other nationals about these. These reflects the behavior and standard of Bhutanese mindset in the international level.

    We have to change the way of thinking. Still a lot of homework, research, right mindset, are required.

    I appreciate what ABA has done till now. They have made the presence of Bhutanese community in America.

    I don’t at all criticize OBCA. Its a great work and I don’t like to stop here without congratulating them for their bold decision inspite of such a mass criticism.

    To begin with about 50 to 100 numbers in the convention is not bad taking in view the inaccessibility of people to make it there due to busy schedule (job), time, Money (being frank) and traveling. Hopefully we will see more in the years to come.

    By the way we were expecting ABA and OBCA to unite after their last meeting, that would have been better but if its not too bad that this didn’t happen. There is always time for that.

    Once again I congratulate OBCA and the members and hope that a lot of work will be done for the betterment of the Bhutanese communities in America and abroad.

    Now for next year I will love to present the comparison chart of what OBCA and ABA will do till then.

    My opinions are completely of my own and if it harms and hurts anyone then please fell that its not intentional and I apologize for that in advance.

    Ok have great time guys………


  16. It seems OBCA started filtering the comments because they don’t deserve to discuss on the forum. Now it is “Cristal clear” that he so-called elected leaders don’t deserve the post; how long are you going to last if you started doing so? Please be open to discuss your matter to the blog if not open to all the Bhutanese people.Why it is so?

  17. Cheer to members of OBCA for your successful convention in controversial moment in the Bhutanese resettled in USA.
    You; all need not have to worry what Bhutanese resettled have been commenting before and after convention.Because,till now only two (What you claim) National Organizations exist. These two organizations may not be enough to look after the welfare of the resettled Bhutanese as already 27000 plus were resettled in USA.
    It would be fine if you go for plus 10 National Organizations because within few years 60000 plus Bhutanese will be resettled there.
    This is our exiled Bhutanese tradition, so even if we meet in heaven or hell we must not forget because tradition is the dignity that needs to be survived in Bhutanese community.

  18. Dear BNS Team, I feel you guys have been very miser in reporting all the details of the Convention. For people like us living in the Western Coast, you should have brought the entire picture like a World Cup.I hope this new national organization will address all our problems. I have a few questions toyou..
    1. When will be the bylaws of OBCA made public ?
    2. Where will be the head office of OBCA ?
    3. Why were four Board Members selected/ or elected from Georgia? Are there no Bhutanese living in other states? How can Georgia alone have almost 30% of the Board Member?
    4. Why were the participants coming out of the hall time and again or seen whispering to each other? Was there an environment of mistrust and suspicion among the participants?
    5. why did the delegates from Alaska reverse their role and preferred to stay as silent observers?
    6. What was the reactions of the partcipants before and after the Convention ? Did the Convention meet the expectations of the people?
    7. Do you think that OBCA will lean more towards Nepalese Assocation as you wrote Raja Ghale mentioning about our common cultue, ethnicity, etc.? Will OBCA one day turn into ONCA (Organization of Nepalese Community in America)?
    8. what could be the reason/s behind withdrawl of Tika Acharya from the post of a Treasurer?
    9.Why does the convention hall (as shown in your picture) look so empty? There was so much of hype about OBCA but still around 100 people were present( 60% were from Georgia who happened to be close relatives of the present Board Members, as reported by people from atlanta).
    10. How can the resettled Bhutanese benefit from OBCA in the long run ? was this discussed in the convention.? The agendas of OBCA were very enticing to the common people.
    11. How can we make this OBCA stronger and give continuity to its existence? Once this organization is formed, it is our moral duty to make it sustainable. We have seen many organizations in the Camp that had a high infant mortality rate.

    I hope OBCA will be people’s organization and work sincerely towards providing solutions to most of our problems. Yam Sir and Kumar Sir are very diligent and sincere and they can definitely take this organization to a greater height.


    Dear Madan ji,
    As there was no internet connection in the convention venue, we failed to report detail of the events. However, we are preparing a detail report, which is expected to appear online in BNS site within these few days. Please bear with us!

    – Editorial Team

  19. See ya! wasn’t bad, kuikel could you mind refreshing your mind one more time, Kharel saab Don’t be silly you have ur own way to do some ?????.. Sharma Ji,, you can’t be a frikin Billionaire, you have to have a big ?????forehead.. Rest of all don’t let me put something in here. Stop Convention and all….. ????

  20. Balaram Gurung!!!! who is this? A completely new guy with new thoughts. Hey everybody please read the posted write-up of Balaram Gurung at least once a week. Outstanding thoughts. Be realistic like him. I appreciate. I advise specially puranaghare and ashok gurung to obtain a number of lessons with Balaram Jee.
    I feel 100 representatives from 17 states is a grand achievement..Air fare is too high to meet. May be that was the capacity of the hall and accordingly the participants were. But new OBCA, note it down that next convention requires a bigger hall to adjust the representatives from all states and cities.
    My buddy who attended the OBCA convention from the neighboring state complains that the hall for cultural show too very small. As many had to observe the musical show standing outside the door. That’s not a good message. Next year my state too will participate, if new OBCA board could creates an atmosphere….
    All the best guys…………..
    Deepak Adhakari

  21. Deepak ji,
    You have just told me as a post crazy, thanks if you understand so. Well, I was called for the convention but before that there was conference call between ABA and OBCA moderated by BNS. Many of us were there to appeal for the unity but Bhankti Bhandari and his team and the ABA’s chair man D.P Basnet turned deaf ear to our request. Had there been the joint effort, how would it be and I am sure you and me would be attending together.
    To clarify Ajay ji, Kumar is my uncle and Balaram too. These both men are very close to me personally. But our thought differed, unfortunately with Kumar. I repeatedly requested him and others to try to manage by some means but did not even try. One needs commitment and sacrifice. If Deepak ji perceives me as a power crazy, thats fine when you have only this capacity to judge.
    Even when resettlement began, there were numerous groups – pros and antis. I requested Hari Bangaley Dai, Bhakti Bhadari sir, N.B. Giri sir, Ratan Gazemere sir, PN Neupane Dai, Amal Rai dai and many more to work together for better security situation in the camps but non of them try to listen. I never understood what was wrong with them to work together. We finally have to lose many of our innocent refugee inmates.
    I am ready to volunteer four weekends of a month and contribute the money I earn in the days if our community heads show a gesture to unite. Will you join me Deepak ji? You lead the volunteers if you feel there is the need of.
    What is the out come of the convention? I see nothing other than division amongst active volunteers and the resourceful people who are in these both group.
    I am happy to hear you mr.Adhikari because I never know when did I work for power and posts. You are an intelligent guy.

  22. Ashok Jee,
    I was astonished this morning when I got a call from a friend from Khudunabari who is now in California. He told me a lot about Ashok, Sancha Man, Balaram, Ram, D.B, Deepak and Kumar jee. You guys activities, relationship, forwardness and commitments. What ended you to division? I don’t think Kumar jee is that bad man going through his actions in Nebraska. I have even gone through his opinions in BNS before the Atlanta Convention for unity (ABA and OBCA). I’ve copied his statement below. Please read it:

    Kumar said: We’re optimistic that the OBCA’s convention on 18th and 19th June in Georgia would convert into “UNIFICATION cum CONVENTION” of Bhutanese in America. I wish, I’d see the board members of ABA, OBCA, mediator, and participants on these two days shaking hands and embracing. This scene would be an example to the new generation and a history. It’d also be an eye opener event to the Government of Bhutan.

    I personally do not know Kumar Ji but saw him in YouTube videos. I don’t think you are less than him. When you friends can’t come to unity, how do you aspect to unite ABA and OBCA. I am serious Ashok Jee.

    Deepak Adhakari

  23. Ashok bhai,
    I like the way you think but why are so furious? Do you remember, you nearly beat me in Birtamod on the day when there was durable solution meeting? I knew you were not happy with Manoj Rai and Hari Bangaley. I was speaking one thing in favor of manoj, you were so angry with me. I was sure manoj was good but I find now what is what. Let me suggest some if you think it is good for you,
    1.You would be always respected with your resettlement work but you act very angrily if you think it is mistake and many don’t like you. Learn to be diplomatic like manoj and kumar thou ‘babali ma chhura’.
    2. I am not sayin you are like them but you could do better.
    3. Ajay, thoug unknown name has remembered your contribution which is good for you. I m with ajay and must be many like us.
    4. Dipak adhakari, may be with maobadi ideology who did not like your work. So they come against. Don’t reply them to waste your time.
    5.When BNS took your interview, I really liked your way you presented when BNS was throwing critical questions. I thought you could be a good youth lead but rishayo ta sarbanas vo ni. I heard you hit sombody, unimaginable! Hitlarko jamana gayo bhanne bujhna parchha.

    SATYA SATYA NAI HO. ASATYA SANGA LADNA RAMRO HO TARA YOUTH LEADERS SHOULD BE VERY CAREFUL. I know ashok was one of the OBCA’S biginers but didnot atend convention and not only him almost all states didnot go carring the voile of the people. Dipak adhikari has to be constructive. BNS has been requesting not to post offinsive comment but just accusing someone baselessly is senseless. I congratulate OBCA for being bold enough but the days to come have stood as challenge to you all. Work with good people and make all people good. NAG KAN ra GWA PAN CHHUTAUNU SAKNU PARCHHA.
    Best wishes,

  24. I am very glad to hear about the updates about OBCA? I did hear about it from Puranaghare first time. He and I have talked a couple of times about it, he was very optimistic about the OBCA as the concept of a national organisation but sadly opined that it is never the right time to go in the national coverage with the stretagy that the Guys have applied.

    He seems to have known all the individuals in the organisation like DJ Khaling, Bhakti Bhandari, Yam Kharel, Manoj Rai, Kumar Gurung, Rudra Kuitel, Manorath Khanal, Hari Uprety,and so on which I don’t. Many of us have just heard their name first time in the convention.

    Did we analyse his arguments and criticism? The comments linking and ideological banking prove that we are chattering against him for nothing.

    Specially Saila and Devraj, Your interpretation was very radically antagonistic to Puranaghare. Is that good culture?

    Did Puranaghare harm you personally writing commentry to OBCA? How much are you guys paid for writing comments in against of him by other folks? He has posted a good resource to work ahead for the betterment of the Bhutanese Community in USA, except he is more specified and sidelined to the topic than what is required.

    Saila and Devraj, who told you that Puranaghare headed the Kansas Bhutanese Community? It was and is being headed by Hari Ghimire. Puranaghare was the nominated Secretary of the Ad Hoc Committee of Kansas Bhutanese Community despite his interest. He was requested many times to apply for the President post during the Election, as it was the demand of the public here but he time and again refused arguing that he wants to go with Literature only.

    How dare you said he is kicked down by the people of Kansas? He is still a very significant part of Kansas Bhutanese Community. If he doesn’t attend a meeting we can’t start the meeting. Many times we have cancelled our meeting when Puranaghare was unable to attend the meeting.

    Devraj sir, what is your intention besides bringing the issues of bhutanese literature here? It should be raised by the board of Director of Bhutanese Literature if Puranaghare is a burden, there in the team. Is is bad to give a commentry citing the areas to be assured? I think commentry is always good unless defaming and bias? Has Puranaghare defamed anybody in his commentry? Is he bias to any group while commenting there?

    This so called OBCA is a monopoly wing of some few bhutanese lords. It has not represented the mass Bhutanese as discused above already. Some activists have started to resign form the post when they are yet to be sworn in by the oath. To speak the truth, OBCA has many things to be done before it is declared as a National Organisation. At present many almost 35 states have no ideas about OBCA as the name of which bird?

    I am a friend of Puranaghare, is he really doing for nothing there in the commentry? Devraj Sir should I be aware of him? can you help me more in which areas I should be aware of him? He dies to help community individuals here in Kansas, do you mean that he also has some vasted interest with it? wait a minute, folks let us read once what Puranaghare has written in his commentry. Let us try giving him some responsibilities if he is a post crazy guy. He may not be a good guy but the above citation is not enough to alleged him nonsense as Devraj and Saila have done. It seems like you are telling Milk as black under normal situation saying puranaghare is a community outstuart and self centered, What I find in him is, he is ethnocentri and open minded as optismistic.

    What if 60 % of the Bhutanese Communities in USA don’t come under OBCA as predicted above? Isn’t a blunder to declare OBCA as the national organisation when represented by just 15 states now? Kansas Bhutanese Community don’t know about this organization in any motions. What if all the staes other than 15 participated says the same?

    Sirs I don’t mean Puranaghare is a good guy, he can be worst than you have said to him but he should be proved, other wise it is never good to point someone with one finger pointing the yourself with remaing three.

    Saila Sir, does Puranaghare accept your allegation? if yes get it published in the same site to make your allegation transparent. If he doesn’t accept, then why are you hauling from the background with the saved face. Come with your real identity as Puranaghare did. Wise man never hasitate to argue the truth open and visualised for the sake of the truth. Why are you remaining as a coward in the background of your own identity??????????????????????????????????????

  25. Ashok bhai,
    Nice to read your clarification “good job” But still there is some clue …….!!!!!! why Bala ram’s Name came!!!!!!!!!! would you like to uplift the ??????? brother as hero in united state or what???
    Bhai please don’t try to give another calrification We have been watching ?????????? brothers acitivities from refugee camp, birtamode and kathamandu.

    Amar Bharati

  26. Amar Bharati,

    I signed in with my previous comment and am signing out with this comment for ever.

    Kindly do not include me in the line with all these mess. I have never ever worked for any community,organization or political parties in the past and will never because its not my piece of bread. I love to be my own and just enjoy my life. So very few great social workers know me. If you find people who are or were regular with Bars, Discos, Pubs, or Casinos they may know me.

    But yeah if there are any cultural programmes, Picnics, week end parties with booze, remember me for such activities. I just love to hang out, sing and dance.

    OK bye guys……

    Furthermore you can find me only at [email protected]

    Have good times always…. oh one more thanks to Deepak Adhikari jee but I didnt mean to edge over any ones write up any how.

    I just love you all.

  27. Dear Balaram ji,
    I do agree with your opinion. Certainly, good people never wish to mess up with all daughty comments. I further appreciate your opinion. I will meet you at [email protected] and plan to be together in a bar or disco but not with Ashok and Puranoghare.
    I hate Puranoghare because he changes his name time and again. He was Bholanath in the camp. He became Puranoghare leaving the camp for higher studies. And he became ANTIRAMAN coming to America. Even a child doesn’t believe. Sure ANTIRAMAN is the another name of Puranoghare. Ashok is not that bad as Puranoghare but he is agreesive so I do not want to go to bar or disco with him. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I request friends to comment with original identity. If you want to know me personally, email me at [email protected].

    Deepak Adhakari

  28. Balaram Bhai,
    I know you are a good man,but you know as you said that the great social worker and the tested political flever guys are bringing your name and fishing ……..
    therefore, I request that you have good feeling and you are the simple guy,
    But don’t give chance mantion your name by those ……..!
    Otherwise, the name will attach definately ………
    sorry If i hurt your feeling!
    amar bharati

  29. Dear friends,
    I have a question to OBCA that where is manoj Rai? why the pople didn’t select him ?
    whats wrong? there are lots of people having the same question???
    Arjun Biswa beldangi I
    now in USA arizona

  30. Deepak Adhikari ji,

    First of all eutai nam bhako le sadhubaad! I have to sign in when you have mentioned my name with all K/Bari friends group. But of course, I feel you have missed some very genuine friends not only from k/bari, if you really want to. You have linked us in relation to Ashok and many have commented him as an angry man. He is such as Dev ji mentions. But I have a very old relation with him as he had very pathetic economic condition; I helped him do his BSc. looking at his background and hardwork. He finally kept my words. Now, I don’t feel good if any one just accuses him baselessly. He respects every one. Adhikari ji, if you just meet him and talk you will soon realize what he is and how respectful to others. Ashok worked with many in Ktm, but none recognizes for his work. He earned 22,000 NC per month but at the end he used to ask me GADI BHADA. Even BNS must have got contribution though little and many of us could not where we had to. He used to walk ktm street with full of KHUJURA PAISA to give to street children and beggars. What is he like? From TN Rizal’s release to Ktm arrival and up to resettlement dispute who did what must be realized before any one just write senseless.

    Ashok sent lots of books of resettlement to Biratnagar, Dharan, Birtamod, and many papers whatever he got. Just used to tell, “HAMRO MANCHHE LAI THAHA HUNA PARCHHA”. I too contributed with many of our friends while working together, though I sometime scolded Ashok that he had nothing to get out of it. I see the result today. He worked with my mama, NB Giri whose sentiments some how matched but the working way wasn’t the same and Ashok had to listen to Good lecture from my mama. He beard for good works I suppose which I could not even.

    There is a good unification of people in cities and states which he probably meant to say spontaneous process of unification due to necessity and stated “real unity is under way” but Adhikar ji mentions as another organization in Ashok being crazy of…KASLE BHANCHHA CITY CITY MA HAMRO MANCHHE HARU MILERA EK AAPAS MA SAHAYOG GAREKO CHHAINA BHANERA? Ashok is gathering friends for unification; better let’s join hands to help our folks in a same platform.

    Thank you friends, for your good action.

    With all the good wishes,

    Deepak Giri


  31. Bhai Deepak,
    Good “Friend in need is friend in deed” thats called unity and unification also.
    bhai Deepak ! Ashok bhai is a good boy and his halping hands thinking is always appecacatable. But bhai you know when a person wants to do something than automaitcally the negitive or positive impact will come. “bhai deepak don’t worry no body will write nothing to ashok even IF ashok collect donation for your mama NB GIRI.
    Bidur Karki

  32. Wanchuk you your self hiding your identity why you are tring to be smart !!!!! due to Like you gays our every step of movement towards bhutan was unsuccess.
    If you want to be a good and nice write with clear id.
    damn it!!!!!

  33. I think these people did nothing in the past,would they do in present? No.Askok acted as an intellectual person,but in reality he lacks charisma to be like real intellect.

    Better Ashok and people around him don’t fool people anymore.

    Gud luck BNS

  34. Dear all in the comments engine,
    I am proud of evaluating nicer and worst comments. Really, we the Bhutanese what called literate body, are still having idology war. I guess We never improve our habits of pointing others. In the comments, all have given their introduction. Wow it’s fun either. I wish every body those who are writing against, have to review or look backward and analyze him/herself that how much contribution he/she has given for the sake of Bhutanese communities? Lets promote our community. Please support to those who wants to do something for the society instead pulling his legs. I strongly support all friends, who really desire to contribute some from his side for the sake of the communities. I do undestand the rigid time bar of America,Canada,and others. Some one might have sacrificed his personal hours for the community, so lets do selfrespect and regain our Unity.

    TekNath Rizal
    Jai Bhutan.

  35. Dear all,
    I have not read all the comments but when I read a few I found mostly against the formation of a new Bhutanese organisation in America. It is really immaterial whether we form any organisation or we don’t. What matters really is, how much we are actually devoted to our objective and through what mode. I would like to request all the people who would like to lead an organisation for Bhutanese refugees in general to open all their senses and use the best logic atleast now on.
    We come from a region where all the nations were ruled by feudal entities and peoples opposition erupted in the 90s. You can see Bangladesh, Nepal and Maldives also recently there was a change in the Presidentship. There is great shift of power from army to people in Pakistan. This means the united affords of the people were stronger than the age old autocracy. However, it was not so in our case. Our slogan is “WE WANT DEMOCRACY” for ourselves but we dont do it in a democratic way. Whether or not we are capable, we want to lead even at the cost of a huge societal rift which eventually has a large repercussion to the whole movement.This means we do not sacrifice enough to contribute for the common cause.
    We should have been able to take advices or the examples set in Nepal by the agitating parties. It is very clear, that there was a proper line of command and disciplinary actions were taken even against the seniormost people. There was no division of the party, but the action inspired them to spearhead the movement with improved momentum. After long years of yearning for peace – the common agenda of the people of Nepal, the leaders came to a single table and fought unitedly to end up successfully. It was a glaring example set to the world!! Ofcourse all is not well now, but then it was!
    Therefore, in conclusion all the views must be discussed and anlysed objectively and collectively and a united afford will only be able to achieve the long cherished goal.
    All the best to Bhutanese Organisation in America.

  36. Dear Tashi Tshering,
    I met you in the GNH’s program in Vermont,USA in July 2010 along with Karma Tsetem and Sonam Ongmo (Wangmo ).Your speaking in Nepali with us sounds pretty good. “Hami timiko gharma aune dal bhat khelaune ho’This is a sentence that you spoke to us but we didn’t take as a serious.Kina dal ra bhat matra eema dachhi ra Paa pani kahuchhu ni..We have added favor in your joke statement.
    We are not only your sathi haru (friends ) but your own brothers of Bhutan mother.

  37. Leaders from BNDP,BPP,DNC-Rongthon kinley,DNC-Thinley Penjore,BCP,YOB did something for nothing and but we have expected more that ABA and OBCA will do nothing for something……Hoshiyar.!!!!!…hamra bhutani daju bhai,didi bahini tatha baba ama haru lai …ye neta bhanaudo harole katai hami lai pheri dollar mata bechhne hoki ?????….samayamai hoos purauhoos hai
    These leaders are found weightless.unmatured,none experienced, lack of leaderships and trouble creators too.We are requesting BNS team to stay from them .They might spoil your image.They don’t have any contributions in our Bhutanese Society so far and are selfish after high post.Don’t try to deceive any more to us now we are in developed countries.