Literary Council of Bhutan announced as diaspora reshapes NSPB


In a bid to promote language and literature of Nepali-speaking Bhutanese people through an integrated approach, Literary Council of Bhutan has been announced, Saturday.

Bhutanese litterateurs, who have been associated with various literary bodies and the Nepali Sahitya Parisad Bhutan (NSPB), unanimously decided to give a new look through a Skype conference this morning, according to a press statement issued by the Council.

Bhakta Ghimire

“The initiative aims at preserving and promoting the literary treasure of Bhutanese from diaspora and Bhutan, without limiting it to the customary Nepali literary works,” said Public Relation Coordinator of the Council, Rup N Pokhrel, from California, US.

The statement further said a series of discussions were held among the former NSPB’s members and other well-wishers in this regard decided to up-grade the institution under the banner Council with effect from June 11.

The meeting also decided to elect Bhakta Ghimire, resettled in America, as the Council’s chairman and former chief coordinator of the NSBP, Shiva Lal Dahal from Khudunabari, as vice-chairman.

Likewise, Yeti Raj Ajnabee (Australia), Yam Thulung (Nepal), Ramesh Gautam (Norway), Dona Acharya (America), Rup N Pokharel (America) and Puranaghare (America) have been elected to the Council’s executive board, added the statement.

The, which has been under operation since May 2009, will be managed as official publication site of the Council, Ramesh Gautam, founding-chairman of the website, told the Bhutan News Service over the phone from Norway.

“This step has institutionalized the ongoing publication works of this portal and I am hopeful of making the publications more effective and reader-oriented,” said Gautam.

Formed in 1993, the NSPB was popularly known among the exiled Bhutanese for transforming uneducated persons into graduates of Nepali language.


  1. Congratulation to the executive body.I am confident that the Bhutanese literature will unlimitedly further flourish.

    ”Language/literature is the most powerful tool of civilisation”

    Tejman Rayaka
    Munich, Germany

  2. very good job everybody
    this is a very well thought approach
    thank you very much everybody involved
    of course we need representatives from bhutan ,camps and all resettled countries and i am sure the expansion phase will definitely consider this

  3. Yes, NSPB waged a war and a revolution of empowerment through sahitya in early 90’s. In fact, I am one of those who appeared the first Sahitya exams organised in Dhukurpani School. It brought un-equal people in a bench to write exams of same level – Bhutanese poet Jananath Mishra and me together, struggling to figure out Sikharini chanda! It brought jobs to houses of people. But also challenges and role shifts, in male-dominated family like ours. My daju and bhauju, both writing sahitya exams, had to find a balance to take care of their children and even shift cooking roles at times. I also remember the tussle – Sahitya educated teachers could climb relatively faster higher Caritas incentives than traditional education.

    On other hand, just with in a short period of time, could streamline many skills. Few hundred articles in its credit and yet expanding. NSPB, with 18 years of history behind and energy of coming together is yet another historical moment.

    Many seniors have invested time, energy and resources. People have worked hard and voluntarily. Respect to your determinations. Thanks to those who have worked hard to bring changes in lives of many. Lots of congratulations to the new team, and admirations for your voluntary works and wish you all a lot of success ahead.

    Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal

  4. Many many congratulations for your good work and determination!! Let it be more inclusive and representative in the days ahead. It would be more strong if we could involve more females in the executive board of the council.
    Cheers !
    Bhagirath Khatiwada
    Concord, New Hampshire, USA

  5. Congratulation for the board members for taking this important initiative and the community would benefit a lot in the long run. It is a very good point put forward by Bhagirath to include female executives and I second the proposal. We should try to make the board and the literary writers as inclusive as possible even allowing people from other literary societies to be associated with it.

    I would like to encourage more younger generations of Bhutanese spend time writing literary articles rather than wasting lot of their valuable time on other unproductive activities. Engagement with literary work will move your intellectual caliber much higher. It is also essential to develop the reading, analysis and presenting skills through works such as literary initiatives.

  6. Congratulation…! You guys are really amaging..! A group of young Bhutanese who literally captured the heart of many youths and elders. A team who have dedicated their time to sharpen the mind of their readers. A leader who penly manages to educate their community.
    I m with tika jee, that we all must encourage younger generation in building their writing skills and personal knowledge.
    Once again Congratulation to the newly elected council members.

    Ganesh Subedi

  7. Congratulations and my hats off to the Executive Officers of the Literary Council of Bhutan for reshaping this initiative. My little knowledge could be dangerous but I think of the following at the outset:
    1.The cross-section in the fabric of our society, I hope will reflect in any such bodies to promote literary feast for all.
    2.Any literary work may be translated into at least three languages: English, Nepali, Dzongkha and archived in electronic and hard copies if possible for the history to be right.
    Best Wishes.
    Dick Chhetri

  8. I am delighted to know that the Diaspora is able to add one more Organization to work towards the development of Bhutanese literature. This is the need of the hour because this situation might bring risk for not being able to pass the rich cultures and mother tongue safely to the new generation because of the lack of such facilities and manpower. I pinned hope that this literary group will muster courage to open up Napali and Sanskrit school in different parts of the world where our young toddlers could attend those schools to sharpen their mind and keep tempo of their mother tongue.
    I believe this is what this organization is looking to strife for and always lurked towards the set goals.
    However, before I forget I like to congratulate Bhakta Bhai for assuming the high position as the Chair Person of the council. I do hope you will work hard to bring changes and other reforms in our Bhutanese community.
    In the meantime, I also like to extend my best wishes and congratulations to the rest of the Board members. I am confident that the team work will definitely bring the desire reforms pertaining to language in the Diaspora.
    Arizona, US

  9. I am very happy to read the formation of BLC.I hope it will change the shape of the literature in Diaspora.I wish all the best of luck to the new members.It is the pleasure of BLC to get Bhakta Ghimere as in the chair.Congratulations to all.