Lexington Bhutanese form organization


Resettled Bhutanese in Lexington City of Kentucky State in United States have announced the formation of a new community ‘Bhutanese Community in Lexington’.

The declaration was made today after regular discussions with the public, which finalized the formation of 20 Central Committee Members along with six Advisory Board Members.

Leela Mishra was nominated as Chairman followed by Sekhnath Upreti as Vice-Chairman. Buddha Adhikari and Khadananda Khatiwoda were nominated as Treasurers.

According to newly nominated Chairman, Leela Mishra, they decided to form a community which will mainly work on preservation of cultural values, organize social events and work for the benefits of the Bhutanese people in Lexington.

Around 25 family representatives residing here attended the meeting.

Reported by Tri Bikram Adhikari/BNS


  1. I’m glad by the formation of Bhutanese Community in Lexington,KY and hope we all will be able to come together to join hand to hand for the protection and promotion of our culture and identity in this small city of new world.