‘Lethbridge shooting was like a nightmare’

President of Canadian Bhutanese Society, Hemlal Timsina

 Not only the resettled Bhutanese, several from the local community and organizations joined the funeral ceremony of late Deoraj Puri in Lethbridge of Canada on last Friday. Watch the funeral video here.

President of Canadian Bhutanese Society, Hemlal Timsina

“The shooting was like a nightmare,” President of the Canadian Bhutanese Society Hemlal Timsina recalled, “We have at least completed the funeral ceremony of late Deoraj Puri. It is difficult to predict exactly how do we move ahead now.”

According to Timsina, a private firm that investigates serious cases related to security agencies in Canada is carrying the investigation. Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) is the investigation group, according to him.

“The investigation might take up to six months,” added Timsina. “It is likely that the ill-fate took place due to conversation gap since late Puri was less fluent in the native Canadian English.”

Vidhyapati Mishra of the Bhutan News Service talked to Hemlal Timsina in this regard and other issues.


  1. Dear Kelly
    Please you most know that most of Asian countries are mulitcultures and multireligions . You might have seen buddhist mourning ,hindu mythology is similar like indian. I request you read its history ,norms and terms of bhutan.

  2. hi,i am also leaving in Canada, Winnipeg ,this is like unreliable i don’t know,in Winnipeg Canada,if their is series case then police does not shoot but used one medicine which effect in 3 second and the criminal will be Innocent as well as get unconscionable and after also its cannot work then only they used bullet ,what is about that plz vidhapathi dai can you asked about this question,i am also scared for all Bhutanese community in Canada,i too scared about it,we all Winnipeg Bhutanese youth and people in Winnipeg get scared too about this issue.

  3. I read a book when Bhutan first encountered British. The Nepalese porters were unwilling to enter Bhutan and British had to carry their things themselves. It clearly tells how Bhutan is sovereign both politically and economically. Bhutan has never been muti-cultured and multi-religion. They have only single ethnic.

  4. As you listen to the news report the police were there job and they were responding to a 9-1-1 call. As you heard the young man was intoxicated. You and both were not there and we do not know what exactly did that boy do.

    *Ask you’re self if the boy was not out of line would his family call the police if they had him under control? He was holdling a knife for god sakes what do you expect the police to do? If they feel that you may endanger someone of course they are going to take him down. Don’t forget he was holding a knife.

    *Police officers don’t want to be in the situation to kill anyone but if they feel they are indanger or if the person may in danger another then yes it is their job to serve and protect. Listen to the facts and don’t let the opinions of other people stir you away from the truth.

    *It has nothing to do with where you are from or what nationality you are. I’m tired of people making everything sounds like they are a victim of rascism.

  5. Quote:

    The shooting was like a nightmare,” President of the Canadian Bhutanese Society Hemlal Timsina recalled, “We have at least completed the funeral ceremony of late Deoraj Puri. It is difficult to predict exactly how do we move ahead now.”

    How do you move ahead now you ask? As a President of the Canadian Bhutanese Society you’re role is a leader is it not?

    Then you should know exactly how to move on. You can move on by educating the youth & children about how to live in peace by educating them about the effects of Drugs and Alcolhol.

    You should remind them how fortunate they are to have a chance for a new life. You should remind them how lucky they are to be here. There are people in worse situations that are suffering more then they are. You should remind them just because they arrive to a new land that they should never forget where they come from. They should know how to act accordingly and live civilized in a modern world.

    You should teach them that the choices they make don’t make them unless you are ready to accept the consequences for the choices you make. That’s you move on Hemlal Timsina. If you want to act like a leader then lead. For a so called educated person as yourself it is insulting to hear you say how do we move on.

  6. First, heart felt condolences and RIP, Deoraj.
    I support Naresh’s comment above from Winnipeg, Canada which I think he is trying to bring up the question of using a taser to this intoxicated victim. If Mr. Puri was violent, the cop cold have tased him to incapacitate him and then bring under their control. When you are armed and when you have the authority, the life of others become so cheap! Stop such deliberate slaughters from above the authority.
    And Kelly, I am sorry that you lived for six years in Bhutan but yet you were not given to live under the real freedom in Bhutan. Isn’t six years enough to learn/see things that take place everyday in a country?

  7. Dear Sagarise
    I understand what you mean . Request goes to you that please read whole history book of bhutan . I do hope that you will know bhutan is multi-cululture or ethnic nation. I hope you are against druck ruler.
    Thanks for your beautiful words.

  8. Naresh g
    The job done by canadian police is praiseworthy. We youth have to learn from this accident. If you follow the rules and regulation of concern nation no one will touch you. If you break the law you will punishe definately. I have one question to BNS is Hem lal timsina is only the people living there why can’t you reache to police station .it is very bordom to quoate same people every time. He is not only the god of puri family.

  9. Statement like,i havent ask the family,testo bhayo hola is really ridiculous from Hem Lal Timsina.Even now he dosent have clear idea what happened that day.What a confused report from a responsible person like Timsina? Please refer Canadian law interms of using gun upon public.Police we3rent allowed to shot this young fellow since he wasnot armed with guns.There are other tactics that law indicates to use during this sort of confrontation.What a talent?13 years has been passed in Canada and still dosent have enough knowledge about Canadian laws and constitutions.Some opinion ays thiya? some suspended,some doubt!
    In whole Canada crime case is directly dealt by the Federal Justice system,ot provincial govt.Alberta is a province.Retired police officer or any other official is not allowed to be involved in this case.

  10. It’s sad one person resettled in so called civilised world had to die this way. Renuka Subedi has justified the police action but they could have been human had they just incapacitate him rather than ending his life away. And, her rambling about president is quite naive. I do believe he needs to get everyone’s valued opinion before forging a clear future direction for the mini-community that exist in Lethebridge.

    To 6 years Bhutan resident Kelly I just want to say – I feel sorry for your naivety. Did you (in 6 yrs stay) ever realise why you were not allowed to travel to southern parts? During your stay did you ever come to know that Ngalongs (whom you term and equate as Bhutanese) constitute less than 20% of the 0.7m population of Bhutan. And that more than 50% of the population is not Buddhist. Its been the practice in Bhutan to feed government propaganda and keep all foreigners cloistered in a big-brother surrounding. And, you had fallen for it.

    And, Kranti please get your dates straight. The incident you have quoted was during Asley Eden Missions – 1860s. The journey was undertaken in the legendary British arrogance. But, the porters were aware of ground realities (of hostility) and refused to go knowing well that the visitors would not be welcome in Bhutan. This incident has no co-relation with Lhotshampa settlement in Bhutan. It’s like quoting Jigme Thinlay and his gang when they talk about southern Bhutanese being road construction labourers and tangias who stayed on. We all know that the road works and loggings operation began in 1960s. So how come 90% of Lhotshampas (in Bhutan and in exile) have documents that proves them to be resident since 1850s onward (ignore those who settled in 1627 and 1640).

    Data certainly needs some extensive re-studying I suppose.

  11. Hey, kelly and sagarise! Be real men. Don’t try to be Westerners by using your fake name.

    I know you guys have allergies with multicultural society and diversity, it is your stereotype, it is how your king manipulate and flooded your brain with these kind of ill believes. The fact is, how could a ethnic cleanse get to the spirit of diverse and multicultural societies’ beauty?

    This world is dam beautiful, come out and enjoy it before you get finished. It worth to explore the beauty than to ignore it.

    By the America was not Multi-Cultural and Diverse society during 1400-1500. But today, it is promoting, and celebrating one of the world class diversity and globalization.
    Proud to be a part of this diverse society!

  12. Nobody can say for certain what happened that fateful night at Giri’s place. Only the Giri family and the Lethbridge Police who were present at that time know what happened. It is a sensitive issue at the moment because the incident is under investigation. Police will not Divulge any information to the media untill the investigation is complete. It is very unfortunate that one of our own lost his life. We are angry and frustrated.

    Can’t blame Hemlal for not giving clear response to some questions because it is a sensitive issue. He has in his capacity made a sincere effort to communicate the feeling of Bhutanese Community in Lethbridge. Please don’t point fingers at others without properly analyzing the situation. We are in Canada, it is not like saying whatever you want like in Jhapa and get away with it.

  13. Oh CD, you mean to say there is no relation between you and Nepalese ? are you guys from India? i think Nepalese and Indians are ethnically same. i don’t think those porters are from India, but as mentioned Nepalese were scared to enter until early 20th century. right now as i heard there are only few thousands of Nepalese ethnic remaining in Bhutan, Iam not sure but learned they always prefer to go back to their Homeland. any way cheers, i just got curious..no offence

  14. Singarise, I am really sorry about the grey matter between your ears. By your logic: all new world settlers should be expelled back to Europe and Africa. Right? And what about Ngalongs.. shouldn’t they be better off and at home in ‘Byod’ ? That people like LK Advani need to be in Sind, or that all Mughal decendants in central Asia. why target just the Nepali speakers?
    As long as there are people with your kind of logic, events that unfolded 2 deacdes ago will continue to take place the world over.. its really sad human cannot tolerate other human knowing well that each of us will leave this world in the same attire that we can in….
    And Kelly you may have stayed in Dagana.. did you ever get to know how many Nepali speakers lived in that dzongkhag before 90s? And, did anyone even talked with you openly and frankly.. even your collegues?? may be you have more questions than answers..
    Sorry we strayed away from the sad Lethbridge incident to justifying ‘nationality’… i feel this may not be the right place to discuss it… sorry again

  15. CD<
    Nepalese are excellent at trespassing. There are Nepalese everywhere , even in middle east as slaves. I have been to Dubai last year and personally saw thousand of them working for the company. It is likely that they will claim Dubai as their home after 5 or 10 years when one has no idea of one's culture. This is just my observation. Anyway I am not against with anyone.

  16. Kelly it beats me – how can people who slave for livelihood and survival can take over a nation? Even after 300 yrs Blacks in America suffer from racism and have to asset for their rights. And the message you have passed on is that : the orientation effectively brainwashed you before being sent to Dagana and Samchi for the stint there.
    And does the message imply: time has come for Europeans to step-down and let the coloured administer America. Is that what you really mean? I believe every citizen has Rights and one group just cannot trample over others. And, that’s what has happened in Bhutan. May be you missed it coz of the coloured goggles you had on.
    It’s pathetic to have bias teachers with pre-conceived ideas.