Leopard attacks eight refugees


Sept 14: A newly born group calling itself as ‘Druk Leopard’ has issued warnings of physical attacks to at least eight refugees from various camps.

According to our Beldangi correspondent in Jhapa Nepal, this first-time-known group has pasted pamphlets in public places in between Beldangi-II and extension camps today morning issuing the threats.

The group has warned those refugees to leave the camps soon along with their families or to face severe physical actions. Leopard has accused those people of leading the repatriation movement at the initial days and now becoming involved in pushing their relatives and family members to third countries.

The blacklisted refugees includes T. B. Thapa and Gopal Gurung (affiliated to Bhutan People’s Party), D. R. Katel (Bhutan Gorkha National Liberation Front), Subash Acharya (former camp secretary of Beldangi-II extension), Bhakta Ghimirey (former chief editor of Sandesh Saptahik), Pratap Subba (former camp secretary of Sanischare camp), Narad Muni Sanyashi (camp secretary of Beldangi-II) and I. B. Khadka.

Among the blacklisted refugees, Katel is currently at the IOM transit centre in Kathmandu and will fly to USA within these few days.

The pamphlets, written in sheets of computer paper and signed by ‘Chepyastra’–Regional Coordinator of Druk Leopard, however do not contain letterheads and has no any reliable authenticity regarding if it truly exists.

Earlier on September 8, two masked youths stabbed social activist K. B. Khadka to death and until the filing of this report, no any individual or group has owned up responsibility.