Leaders send letters to governments of Nepal, Bhutan


Tek Nath Rizal and Balaram Paudyal yesterday met the Nepali Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and requested to grant political asylum for exiled political leaders and human rights activists in Nepal.

In a letter addressed to the PM, the duo has asked the government to form a permanent task force to handle the long-standing Bhutanese issue.

The next demand included bringing Indian government’s involvement in resolving this crisis.

“Prime Minister has assured us that he’d discuss the issue seriously with his counterpart during the upcoming visit to India”, said Balaram Paudel quoting the Nepali PM as saying.

Meanwhile, Druk National Congress (DNC) in a separate letter to Jigmi Y Thinley reminded him to take necessary steps to resolve the exile issue.

Considering the Bhutanese democracy as just symbolic, DNC said that still hundreds of political prisoners are inside iron bars and should be released to protect democratic norms and values.