Leaders ask UNHCR to listen at their grievances


Leaders and activists have asked the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to listen at their grievances by organizing a joint meeting.

In a joint letter addressed to the UNHCR Sub-Office at Damak on Wednesday, they said they were very eager to discuss various issues like discontinuation of supply of vegetables in the refugee camps, restriction imposed on them to see VIPs and delegates visiting the camps, forceful resettlement of elderly citizens and ignorance of complaints and grievances of camp residents.

The request letter was signed by Dr Bhampa Rai, Balaram Poudel, DP Kafle, DB Rana Sangpang, Rinzin Dorji and Jasoda Budathoki. Similarly, Bhagirath Khatiwada, Chhabi Lal Kharel, Harka Jung Subba and Durga Prasad Sitaula have also expressed their solidarity towards the call.


  1. 1. “restriction imposed on them to see VIPs and delegates visiting the camps”: Is it UNHCR that imposes restrictions or is it the visiting delegates who don’t want to meet the leaders?
    2. “forceful resettlement of elderly citizens”: do we have evidence of this? If yes, all of us could work to avoid this.

    Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal

  2. You guys are doing really right work on right time, keep on requesting and let them know you all wanted resettlement on any part of the world.but still don’t forget saying ‘refugees right to return home’.if you guys stay silence who knows may be left behind!!

  3. If leaders are excluded from their say in the matter of the Refugees, it is arguable that Bhutanese Refugee Issue has become business of other parties against the consent of the concerned victims that would like to be back home rather than being dispersed on the face of the earth, though for better prospects.

    The Government of Nepal has shown traits of failure in the efforts to Identify and Repatriate true Bhutanese to their homesteads. But UNHCR and other international bodies taking care of these victims of Unjust Rage of tyrants at home for so long now acting disorderly shows the SUN has reached the horizon on its course of setting. Will the criminal now go free of all the crimes against humanity, receiving clean chit?

    Repatriation to Democratic Bhutan with Human Rights should have been the first option. The second should have been local integration in Nepal and India and then only should there have been the TCR program. Why has TCR taken away the majority already and shunning leaders of the people from contributing by their say, to the extent of causing them grief?

    The problem seems to be entering into mysterious phase!

  4. IIt is good to know that only handful of so called leaders left back in Nepal. I counted there are 11 left and they seems to be worried as camp population is decreasing. Good luck guys take care of your family because the resettlement process of Bhutanese is going to be end in 2 years. Good luck for your repatriation to Bhutan since you are against the resettlement and we are so happy to get resettled in third country.

  5. I think the Bhutanese Refugee staying in the camp have their representatives ( I mean Camp management committee ) to take the issues to UNHCR or any concerned authority. secondly, Resettlement has taken place as an option not a solution. And again it is not UNHCR who is restricting the visitors to visit the camp but I think we are lacking diplomatic effort. So let us put our own effort rather than blaming others.As long as i know, Nobody is forcedto opt.resettlement unless we fill and submit form showing interest for resettlement.

  6. I think these so called leaders who don’t have people in their hands are drying up on the sand looking some exits.They are worried and unitied now after more than 70% people are resettled.Shame on them! Can resettled folks send some donations to buy some veggies for them?