Laxmi puja marked in camps


October 18: Exiled Bhutanese in camps in Jhapa Nepal have performed various tradition programs on the eve of Dipawali festival.  

Creative Entertainment Group, a youth group of exiled Bhutanese committed to preserve Bhutanese art, literature and culture has organized a special program on the occasion of Tihar, one of the great Nepali festivals, in Sanischare refugee camp on October 17.

The program conducted in a day of Laxmi Puja (third day of Tihar) was presided by Kedar Upreti, a Bhutanese actor in exile.

Bhutanese mothers performing sangini dance. Photo/Arjun
Bhutanese mothers performing sangini dance. Photo/Arjun

With a main slogan ‘Let’s respect art and artistry’, the program also saw the presentations of different hidden talents where the artists performed songs, dances and poems. They also staged a drama to highlight the story of resettled folks and threw satire on the food aid shortage.

A collection of poem named ‘Abiral Aansu’ (meaning- continuous tears) written by the Bhutanese poet Mani Ram Dhimal “Dipit” was released amidst the function attended by thousands of people.

The camp secretary of Sanischare refugee camp, Champa Sing Rai, journalist Jeeten Muskan and former camp secretary of Sanischare camp Menuka Nepal spoke about the book, and status of the present Bhutanese literature.

Despite tight security in movement in camps, various groups were seen performing dance program, mainly deusi-bhailo (typical tradition songs along with dance to mark Laxmi puja)

Meanwhile, Sanischare branch of Bhutanese Refugee Children Forum (BRCF) has organised singing competition among children in the camp.

By Arjun Pradhan and Lakpa/BNS