Koirala’s funeral scheduled, wife to get job


BY Yam Kharel, Nashville, Tennessee

Jan 1:  The funeral for late Tikaram Koirala is scheduled for January 2, Saturday at Marshall Donnelly Comp Funeral Home.

Catholic Charities, the resettlement agency helping with the funeral arrangements is further helping to smoothen the upcoming situation of the bereaved family.

The funeral home decided to  consider  the case as  exceptional for this refugee family which helped ease the funeral processing. Gaylord Opryland, Tika’s employer has offered a job to Tika’s wife  promising further help.

Many individual volunteers are working hard to help the family after the tragic incidence in Koirala family. Meanwhile, the Bhutanese Community of Tennessee has expressed its gratitude  to all those  support agencies and individuals.

Tika Koirala,46, a former Bhutanese refugee resettled in last June in Nashville, Tennessee ,was pronounced dead fifteen minutes after the family gave the consent to remove his life support at Vanderbilt Medical Center on December 29, 2009. Koirala was admitted to Trauma unit following the  fatal car crash the same day.

A Toyota Camry driven by Moni Rai that carried three passengers including Koirala was hit by another car speeding from the opposite direction, heading towards I-24 at Haywood Lane.

The other car was driven by an unidentified drunk illegal immigrant, according to the investigating police officer, Herald Burke. The officer further said that the driver is either at the hospital or in jail, watched by another police officer.

Three Bhutanese and an Iranian were returning home after their night shift work at Gaylord Opryland hotel who letter met with the fetal accident. The other three, who sustained minor injuries were discharged the same day from Southern Hills Medical Center after necessary treatment.


  1. I am glad to hear the news that Mr. Tika Ram’s employer has offered a job to his wife, which is, a big success for the bereaved famil in their attempts to earn livelihood. Also, thanks to all the Bhutanese friends of Tennessee for their marvellous support and dedication and catholic church for generous help and charismatic direction for organising Mr. Koirala’s funeral. However, His funeral and mourning ceremonies should be based on general principles of hindu Dharma Shastra.

  2. Rizal ji,
    Thanks for reminding me the key point about his ritual performance. No doubt, the funeral will be performed in a purely Hindu cultural way as the family is Hindu. Sorry, I missed to mention this point in my previous comment/news.
    Thank You,
    Yam Kharel

  3. I donot know weither there is fault of other vehicle or not but Bhutanese refugee are comming across this type of road accident more frequently, they should be taught about traffic rules of US. There was also problem when they first were in Nepal. There were lots of Road accident death of Bhutanese refugee. I am deeply sadened about the death of Mr Koirala. May his soul get path in heaven.

  4. We the Bhutanese Refugees resettled in New York City are shocked by hearing the news of sudden and untimely demise of Tika Ram Koirala from the State of Tennesse, who was striked by a speedy car from behind while he was returning to his home from work. He was then admitted to the hospital in critical condition due to fracture of ribs and legs and also passed away in the hospital itself being remained in the death door.He was evicted from Lalai Block under Serbhang district in Bhutan. His parents are still in Bhutan. Before leaving for resettlement he was from Beldangi-ii extenson camp.
    As he was in the camp, he was doing volunteer service that made all the people satisfied. He was loyal,comitted,dutiful and lovable to everyone in the camp.Indeed,we are unable to describe his services to the people for a long stay in the community.
    We the New York families pray to the God to relief the sorrows and griefs of the bereaved family and the relatives of the departed soul.Also,we are always praying to the almighty to give the departed soul the safe way and rest in peace in heaven.Let the bereaved family get the strength and energy to overcome and make his dream a successful one.
    He will always remain in our hearts and memories.