Ubhauli festival and Kirati congregration held in TN

The kirati delegates

The last three days of May went busy for the Kirat community of Nashville, TN, for the celebration of Ubhauli Khibekwa festival and preparation of bylaws to organize Kirat Community of America.

The cultural event of Ubhauli
The cultural event of Ubhauli/Photo source: KCOA
A kirati girl in traditional attire for Ubhauli festival
A kirati girl in traditional attire for Ubhauli festival/Photo source: KCOA

The first day of the program, 27 May, was dedicated to approval of bylaws drafted by three member committee of D J Khaling, Naresh Laoti Subba and Dilip Dumi. The press statement received late by BNS states the approval of bylaws by participating delegates.

The second day of the congregation was entirely spared for the formation of board. A fifteen member board was completed with four executive members formed from within the board. The delegates from across the states-Tennessee, Georgia, Utah, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, North Carolina, Oregon, Massachusetts were elected to the board, the election overseen by BM Khaling and Bahadur Subba.

The kirati delegates
The kirati delegates/Photo source: KCOA

The third day was the attraction of cultural event, mostly representing the indigenous heritage of kirati cultural practices. Kirats are the aboriginal hill residents of eastern Nepal, extending over to Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan and Assam. Ubhauli is the festival marking the beginning of plantation season, dedicating to worship of earth and other natural elements that help in prospering of cultivation.

The three day event was hosted by Kirat Cultural Society of Tennessee and coordinated by Suk Man Suhang. The event was third of its kind held yearly.

 Note: Report prepared by inputs from Dhan Man Lingden, secretary, Kirat Community of America